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Ultimate Dubs - March 2019
Back once again for show season opener.
Stand expertly arranged by Anna Bebbington.
"Rum Club" commenced - followed by a cheeky Nando's.
Some members fared better than others - one overdid the rum and fell asleep at the table!
During Sunday's awards the Club took Best Club Stand for the 7th year running.

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Early Edition
Held on Sunday 12th May produced a glorious day out with some great cars on show.
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Deva Dubs
Was held over the weekend of 7 - 9th June. Once again the Club took a trophy for Best Club Stand, along with individual owners winning some awards too.
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Bristol Volksfest
14-16th June or should we shay Bristol Bogfest?
Wet and muddy was the order of the weekend with a few cars suffering blemishes on their paintwork afterwards.
Here's what you missed - Volksfest Mud!
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Picture 6.png
Meanwhile in Northumberland…
Mighty Dub Fest
Alnwick Castle 14-16th June was lovely and dry and Greig Harvey secured an award with his Campaign.
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Annual Gathering 2019
Picture 9.png

The 15th Annual Gathering of the Mk1 Golf Owners Club returned to Stratford-Upon-Avon racecourse over the weekend of 26 - 28th July. For the first time the gates were open by 9am on the Friday instead of 2pm to allow those wanting an even longer weekend to arrive early and pitch up.

Friday again saw the "Pitch & Party" routine. The weather was dry  and breezy, but cool. Once the BBQs had been lit and tea eaten the Club House hosted the Karaoke and we saw a fair few songs murdered! There were some good singers too though - honest.

Chairman - Simon Berry - 36th CrazyFist
Treasurer - Neil Butler - unityneil
Secretary - Rajan Paymaster - Dubboy
Events Manager - Anna Bebbington - Cabrioanna
Membership - Rick Dale - Wmk1rickdale
Website Manager - Adrian Daniels - Lhasadreams
Social Media Manager - Ansar Mahmood - Ans4r
Design Manager - Dan Hinton - danj3000
Marketing Manager - Matt O'Leary - ratty23
Merchandise Manager - Anthony Musskett - Anton_cabrio
Moderator Team Leader - Mike Jacobs - Golf Cabrio
Club Historian - Dan Perkins - Dano

Saturday saw the usual AGM meeting and the Drivers Brief before the cars set out for *****
71 cars enjoyed the drive, 36 hatchbacks and 35 cabriolets.

Winners of the fancy dress competition
Children's - Evelyn Butler as a cloud
Picture 10.png

Adults - Dave Walker and Nick Lewis as Back To The Future
Picture 11.png
Member of the year
Mark Carter aka Funk-Star aka Sausage
Picture 12.png

Best Daily Driver
Tony Crowder - D994TVS
Picture 13.png
Top 3 Modified
Mick Mathers - OPO311S
Picture 14.png

Scott Russell - VKY359Y
Picture 15.png
Adrian Daniels - NDM464Y
Picture 16.png

Top 3 OEM+
Richard Stringer - AVS697N
Picture 17.png

Richy Hill - G118JYC
Picture 18.png

Alan Keepence - WJM754Y
Picture 19.png

Top 3 Standard
Graham Welch - LBD295V
Picture 20.png

Malcolm Rae - LTR141Y
Picture 21.png

Graham Welch - A832FVT
Picture 22.png

Best Commercial
Ian Amos - H15DSW
Picture 23.png

Best Engine - Walter Ainsworth Award
Joe Stamford - A358GNR
Picture 24.png
The Jeremy Hillock Award for Best GTI
Steve Price - A965WAV
Picture 25.png

Best Paint

Best Wheels
Sam Mitten - A269SYM
Picture 26.png
Best Interior
Richard Booth - A144HNF
Picture 27.png

Best Regional Display
Picture 28.png
Best In Show
Richard Stringer - AVS697N
Picture 29.png

Keith Keenan Award
Graham Welch - A832FVT
Picture 30.png

Peoples' Choice Award
The Peoples' Choice Award is sponsored by Crazyquiffs' Emporium. The colour of the winning car determines next years' theme.
Yellow is the colour for 2020.
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Picture 32.png

See here for all the other 2019 AG pictures.
Ireland tour 20-22nd September
Picture 33.png

The weather forecast was not good, however we had a dry Saturday, Sunday was wet but a good time was had by all.
Anna Bebbington won Best 90's car and Car of the Show.

Richard Ell won Best Modified.

Richard "Beany" Stringer won Best 1970's


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