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The Mk1 Golf Owners' Club Team

Username:   36thcrazyfist
Name:          Simon Berry
Location:      Manchester

To over see all meetings and have the casting vote in the event of a tied vote

My name's Simon, or '36thcrazyfist' on the forum, the name 36thcrazyfist comes from a band called '36 Crazyfists' who I loved when I was younger and still listen to now, I've seen them more times than I remember and even had a few beers with the guys.

I joined the club in 2006 after I bought my 'sportline' - the quotes are because it's actually a replica, as it's on a D plate. This was pointed out by you lot quite quickly and since then it's affectionately been known as the 'fakeline'. I believe it was stolen back in 2006, bought by a company, where everything was transferred into an existing shell.

I have owned the car for such a long time that I don't intend to part with it, back in Feb 2016 I took the plunge and started stripping him down (he's called Dudley by the way) and found a lot of rust…. I'm tinkering with it when I can, but I'm in no real rush to get it back on the road, but when it does, it'll be a different colour and have a 130 BHP PD TDi up front and some fancy pants interior (and I'll be a lot skinnier than I already am because I think I'll be starving myself to fund it!)

If you're interested my build thread is here: View Topic: Project: and #DudleywantstheD - The Mk1 Golf Owners Club

I currently live in Manchester, originally from Coventry, did a 5 year stint in London, I get itchy feet I think. I'm a Digital Analyst for a FTSE 250 company, with a background in web development, photographic science and a bit of engineering, makes me sound serious but I really only am when I have to be. I have a huge passion for the MK1 Golf, always have and I think I always will, there's just something about them that's made me always want one, which is why I do what I do for the club - I'm a friendly chap, so if you see me at a show come and say hello, I'm the lanky fella with the curly moustache and the silly beard.

Username:   unityneil
Name:          Neil Butler
Location:      Nuneaton

Manage and approve financial matters with regards to the club's costs and income

I've been into car modding since I learned to drive. My car has always given me a sense of freedom.
I've owned cars in a number of scenes (Sound Off, Minitruck, Lowrider, Classic Custom) and now VW.

BRO is my 1982 Bentley Gunmetal 3 door non sunroof bought in 2014 and restored and modded since then.
BRO started life as a 1.1C and has had many upgrades including a 1..4 16v AFH and Bike carbs and latterly a 1.8T conversion.
I try to perform the modifications myself where possible and have a pretty good understanding of Air suspension systems.

I'm self-employed working in IT. The Mk1 Golf OC is the best and friendliest club I've ever been part of (and I've been in quite a few). I love the way that we can bring our daughter along to shows knowing that she will enjoy herself as much as I do.

Username:   dano
Name:          Dan Perkins
Location:      Preston

Manage the club's history


Username:   dubboy
Name:          Rajan Paymaster
Location:      ???

To look after correspondence delivered to the PO Box, generally deal with day to day interaction with the public. To act as the first port of call when outside companies approach the club to advertise their products or enquire for a suitable car for a specific purpose. Liaise with all other team members regarding club business.


Membership Secretary

Username:   m00
Name:          Amanda Palmer
Location:      Northampton

Develop Club Membership Package and benefits together with Club Secretary

Develop the Membership Pack ensuring it offers good value for money to Members and the Club

Promote the sale of Club Membership through the Forums

Produce Membership packs and dispatch them to Members within two weeks

Regularly check Club Forum and emails keeping up-to-date with Member queries

I joined the forum in 2009 after buying my first Mk1 - a 1983 Formel E called Oreo (yes, like the cookies!). I fully restored him 3ish years ago and I enjoy his company very much.

I recently moved to Northampton, the town I'm originally from, with my American bulldog Abbie. We live with a bearded man, through choice not force, who also has a keen interest in VW's.

I'm a self employed domestic engineer (cleaner) and absolutely love making things sparkle!

The forum and it's members have been so good to me that I'd like to give something back - hopefully I can.

Events Manager


Username:   CabrioAnna
Name:          Anna Bebbington
Location:      Staffordshire

Organise and attend national and local events to maintain the high profile of the club, including the AGM. Support Regional Hosts and encourage local meets.

Well, I'm married to Elvis (no, he doesn't work in the local chippy). We have 2  Labradors, Purdey and Tolley and a passion for all things VW, especially my Mk1 Cabrio and Elv's T5 Van.

We live in Staffordshire and travel around the country to attend National and Regional events.

For the past 22 years I have worked as an Architectural Technician producing technical drawings for buildings and managing building projects.
I currently work for a private Architects, working on a variety of projects.

I work full time, but work flexible hours and don't work weekends, which enables me to indulge in my Cabrio cleaning fetish, do work on our never ending house project, maybe a spot of baking, and attend lots of VW shows with Elv throughout the year.

I joined the club as a paid member 9 years ago, with my first AGM in 2010 and taking on the Events Manager role in 2011.
I love being part of such a great club, I've made so many friends and enjoy organising and representing the club at many national and regional club related events.

Assistant Webmaster and Moderator Team Leader


Username:   Golf Cabrio
Name:          Mike Jacobs
Location:      Austria

Role - Assistant Webmaster
Responsible for providing support to the Webmaster in maintaining and managing this website.
Backup to the Webmaster in his absence.

Role - Moderator Manager
Responsible for managing the Moderator Team whos task is to ensure that the 'Club Rules' are maintained and to provide overall guidance to our Membership.

I have lived in Vienna, Austria for the past 24 years. Came here because I fell in love with an Austrian 'au pair' and we are still together (can't take a joke, shouldn't have joined). I'm now 54 a father of three and I have five grandchildren.

Back in the 80's I was a car salesman and even worked at a VW Audi dealership from 83 til 88. But since moving here in 94 I've been working as a Computer Systems Administrator and have traveled throughout West and Eastern Europe, parts of the Middle East and North America. For the last 18 years I've been working for a Government.

I have owned my MK1 Golf Cabrio since February 2012. Over the years I've kept the car technically standard but have spent a small fortune on add-ons that are within year so I know for there is not another one like it in the world. I also have a Golf Mk6, TSI, DSG 7 speed Tiptronic, Highline Estate fully loaded with factory extras plus race suspension and a custom built fully chromed race exhaust system. Both in white of course!

You'll find me a very approachable guy always willing to muck in and lend a hand where possible. You are welcome to send me a 'Private Text' on just about anything and I'll see if I can help in any way.

If you are ever planning to visiting Vienna or Lower Austria drop in on me!

Merchandise Managers


Username:   Ad2408
Name:          Adam & Connie White
Location:     Sutton Coldfield

Development and sales of Club Merchandise

My name is Adam and together with my wife Connie we have recently taken over the merchandising side of the club.
We bought our GTI in 2015 after we outgrew our Triumph Spitfire when our daughter Anna was born.  The Golf has since been stripped, painted, rebuilt and now we are enjoying using it.
I love my cars so much so that when we bought our house my one stipulation was that we had a garage.  After looking at lots of houses we found one that Connie loved the garden and the house itself and I was left to deal with a less than ideal narrow garage but at least it was a garage!  A lot of internet research and even measuring cars at shows meant I was pretty sure it would fit….. And luckily it did, even if I do have to fold the mirrors in and push it in and pull it out!
I work in Logistics for a large car manufacturer in the Midlands (no not Landrover!) so ordering merchandise items, controlling stock levels and making sure they get to the customers correctly are not too far away from the 'day job'. Connie has a background in project management and is very organised, must be her German side.
As the newbies of the team we know what it's like to be new to a club so don't be afraid to come and say hello!

Social Media Manager

Username:   Ans4r
Name:          Ansar Mahmood
Location:      Birmingham

Manage the Social Media Sites for the club, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

I joined this club in September 2005 when i was looking for my first MK1 Golf, always wanted a GTI but being young back then meant I couldn't get insured on one, so instead bought a low mileage 1993 Clipper with a 1.8 Carb'd engine, loved that car, but in 2007 I sold that and finally bought what I always wanted, a Schwartz Black 1983 Mk1 Golf 1.8 GTI DX. Ive had about 14 Mk1 Golfs in total, made a few quid on them too lol.

Im a Self Employed Mortgage & Protection Consultant, which means I can take days off when i like  for the many shows i go to throughout the year.

Marketing Manager


Username:   danj3000
Name:          Dan Hinton
Location:      Bristol

I'm here to spread the gospel of the MK1, helping us reach existing members and entice new ones to the fold. How I do this remains a mystery, even to myself!

Hailing from the South West of the UK, I like to think I embody the laid back and easy going country bumpkin. Ooh Arr and all that. A child of the 80's I grew up with old Golfs driving about in the wild and my interest with them has stuck since. Couple that with the fact they're a bigger, more oily version of Lego Techic and I'm in heaven.

I've been a member of the club since 2014 when I got my '89 Cabriolet GTI. Whisper it but I started on the MK2 Golfs for a fair while until I realised the error of my ways and purchased the real deal (insert joke about it being a cabby here). No huge plans with her at present and I almost prefer the fact she's looking a little rough around the edges. It means when she's required for daily duties she can get on and do the job. No fuss.

My life is generally pretty hectic, what with two young kids, running a couple businesses and this bizarre impulse to move house every year. Fortunately within all this I am successfully indoctrinating my girls into the ways of the MK1. The eldest one Emi, joins me on pretty much all my jolly jaunts in the Golf. How cool is it going to be for her when she gets to learn to drive in mine in 14 years time, in amongst the self driving electric cars.

I'm looking forward to helping out the great guys and gals in the team with what has to be said, the best owners club out there.

Website Manager


Username:   Lhasadreams
Name:          Adrian Daniels
Location:      Staffordshire

Responsible for maintaining and managing this website.

I have owned my MK1 Golf GTI since 1993, bought as an unloved 10 year old motor with 112,000 miles on the clock. In the last 24 years she has covered another 77,000 miles :-)
Today she is modified from a performance standpoint but not cosmetically, as I love the original look of the Mk1 Golf.
The engine is based on the MK2 Golf Limited design, currently a 1.9L 16V Lysholm supercharged unit producing 240bhp and lots of torque!

I work for a small company called Chef - architecting software solutions.

I try and get to as many shows as I can.