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The Mk1 Golf Owners' Club Team

Username:   36thcrazyfist
Name:          Simon Berry
Location:      Manchester

To over see all meetings and have the casting vote in the event of a tied vote

My name's Simon, or '36thcrazyfist' on the forum, the name 36thcrazyfist comes from a band called '36 Crazyfists' who I loved when I was younger and still listen to now, I've seen them more times than I remember and even had a few beers with the guys.

I joined the club in 2006 after I bought my 'sportline' - the quotes are because it's actually a replica, as it's on a D plate. This was pointed out by you lot quite quickly and since then it's affectionately been known as the 'fakeline'. I believe it was stolen back in 2006, bought by a company, where everything was transferred into an existing shell.

I have owned the car for such a long time that I don't intend to part with it, back in Feb 2016 I took the plunge and started stripping him down (he's called Dudley by the way) and found a lot of rust…. I'm tinkering with it when I can, but I'm in no real rush to get it back on the road, but when it does, it'll be a different colour and have a 130 BHP PD TDi up front and some fancy pants interior (and I'll be a lot skinnier than I already am because I think I'll be starving myself to fund it!)

If you're interested my build thread is here: View Topic: Project: and #DudleywantstheD - The Mk1 Golf Owners Club

I currently live in Manchester, originally from Coventry, did a 5 year stint in London, I get itchy feet I think. I'm a Digital Analyst for a FTSE 250 company, with a background in web development, photographic science and a bit of engineering, makes me sound serious but I really only am when I have to be. I have a huge passion for the MK1 Golf, always have and I think I always will, there's just something about them that's made me always want one, which is why I do what I do for the club - I'm a friendly chap, so if you see me at a show come and say hello, I'm the lanky fella with the curly moustache and the silly beard.

Username:   yomp
Name:          Graham Welch
Location:      Oxford

Manage and approve financial matters with regards to the club's costs and income

Seasoned fan of the MK1 Golf since owning my first in 1993. A 1982 5 door 1.3LS in Lemon Yellow.
Married with two children and a dog.
My day job is running a company supplying packaging machines to the Food and Pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.
Been active in the MK1OC since 2006.
Currently own 3 GTI's, 2 of which are in standard form and the third was salvaged from the scrap pile with good intentions to renovate.
My forum name comes from my nickname when I was an apprentice restoring vintage Rolls Royce cars.
Don't ask me -
A) why I was called it and
B) why I chose it as a forum name!

Username:   Hairyarse
Name:          Andy Day
Location:      Peterborough

To look after correspondence delivered to the PO Box, generally deal with day to day interaction with the public. To act as the first port of call when outside companies approach the club to advertise their products or enquire for a suitable car for a specific purpose. Liaise with all other team members regarding club business.

For those that don't know me, I've been a member of this club since the very beginning, when Drew kindly took the leap to set it all up. Having previously been member of his Campaign Register, there was no question if I would become a member of the MK1 Golf Owners Club!

At the start I was on the team, holding position of Events Manager, then Merchandise Manager and it was an honour to be part of the club's humble beginnings. Mostly due to work commitments I was not so active in the club for a few years, but have always maintained my membership and support for the club.

To now be invited back on to the team is a privilege and it's fantastic to see how the club has grown over the last 10 years. I can't wait to be at the AGM this year to celebrate this milestone.

My MK1? Well I've owned a 1983 GTI Campaign model for a little over 10 years now. Sadly it's been languishing in my garage for the last 6 or so on a very drawn-out restoration but I am stuck in to it now and I hope it wont be too many more months before it's road-worthy again! In the meantime, I'm enjoying some 'floppy' action with my newly acquired Sportline convertible.

As well as the team role now, I am a moderator on the site and help out with running the Lincolnshire region, or the 'Lincolnshire not-so massive' as we fondly know it!

Membership Secretary

Username:   m00
Name:          Amanda Palmer
Location:      Northampton

Develop Club Membership Package and benefits together with Club Secretary

Develop the Membership Pack ensuring it offers good value for money to Members and the Club

Promote the sale of Club Membership through the Forums

Produce Membership packs and dispatch them to Members within two weeks

Regularly check Club Forum and emails keeping up-to-date with Member queries

I joined the forum in 2009 after buying my first Mk1 - a 1983 Formel E called Oreo (yes, like the cookies!). I fully restored him 3ish years ago and I enjoy his company very much.

I recently moved to Northampton, the town I'm originally from, with my American bulldog Abbie. We live with a bearded man, through choice not force, who also has a keen interest in VW's.

I'm a self employed domestic engineer (cleaner) and absolutely love making things sparkle!

The forum and it's members have been so good to me that I'd like to give something back - hopefully I can.

Events Manager

Username:   CabrioAnna
Name:          Anna Bebbington
Location:      Staffordshire

Organise and attend national and local events to maintain the high profile of the club, including the AGM. Support Regional Hosts and encourage local meets.

Well, I'm married to Elvis (no, he doesn't work in the local chippy). We have a labrador, Purdey and a passion for all things VW, especially my Mk1 Cabrio and Elv's 20v Turbo GTI Campaign.

We live in Staffordshire and travel around the country to attend National and Regional events.

For the past 20 years I have worked as an Architectural Technician producing technical drawings for buildings and managing building projects.
I currently work for the local authority as an architect for social services, working with a team that deliver adaptations for disabled adults and children.
It means that I meet a lot of people on a day to day basis and have to liaise with lots of departments within the authority.

I work full time, but work flexible hours and don't work weekends, which enables me to endulge in my Cabrio cleaning fetish, do work on our house project, maybe a spot of baking, and attend lots of VW shows with Elv throughout the year.

I joined the club as a paid member 8 years ago, with my first AGM in 2010 and taking on the Events Manager role in 2011.
I love being part of such a great club, I've made so many friends and enjoy being involved with and organising club related events.

Moderator Team Leader

Username:   Chortle
Name:          Carl Chorley
Location:      Derby

To ensure that there is a good level of active moderators and seeing that rules are being implemented correctly. To be the voice for the moderators at team level.

My name is Carl and I am 46 years old and single, perhaps there's a Dub chick out there for me?
Employment wise I have had varied jobs, from leaving school, but the last 20 years I have been Hairdressing, please, please no Cabriolet/Hairdresser
I have been a Cabby owner for a few years now and a Member on here since 2009, when I purchased my Clipper cabby,which I sold a couple of years ago.
I missed having a Cabby so when the opportunity to get a Green Rivage at a good price came about I grabbed it. It's still a work in progress, but with the help and advice from friends and the members on here I have learned so much and still am picking up new tips/ideas even today. I have created a couple of "how to's" in the forum and find this a good way of giving back a little help along the way.
I have a keen interest in Cabriolet roofs, as well as badging and you may have come across some of my advice on various posts, plus I have fitted quite a few hoods for Members on here, resulting in my quest to source and supply roof parts that are NLA from VW.
Living in Derby, I am never far from the countryside and it's great to have the top down and have a run out in the hills.

Merchandise Manager

Name:          TBD
Location:      TBD

Development and sales of Club Merchandise


Social Media Manager

Username:   Ans4r
Name:          Ansar Mahmood
Location:      Birmingham

Manage the Social Media Sites for the club, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

I joined this club in September 2005 when i was looking for my first MK1 Golf, always wanted a GTI but being young back then meant I couldn't get insured on one, so instead bought a low mileage 1993 Clipper with a 1.8 Carb'd engine, loved that car, but in 2007 I sold that and finally bought what I always wanted, a Schwartz Black 1983 Mk1 Golf 1.8 GTI DX. Ive had about 14 Mk1 Golfs in total, made a few quid on them too lol.

Im a Self Employed Mortgage & Protection Consultant, which means I can take days off when i like  for the many shows i go to throughout the year.

Marketing Manager

Username:   Nosmonkey
Name:          Ahmet Mustafa
Location:      London

My role in the team is to provide communication strategy, via social media and online marketing techniques, looking at trend analysis, supporting Adrian (web manager) with moving the club forward with big data technology solutions, general marketing, magazine write ups and making sure the club has a good, but consistent message through web and offline mediums.

Hi, i'm Ahmet, i'm 21 years young and i'm the marketing manager for the club. Although I am very much the baby of the team, i've been around Mk1s for as long as I can remember. I'm currently restoring my 1982 1.6GTi, which has been in the family for 25 years and mothballed in a garage for 15 of those. Unfortunately I tend to get sidetracked from the restoration by other cars. I'm a bit of a hoarder and theres always something new happening inside my head or the garage.
When i'm not unearthing Wolfsburg's finest Mars Red rust, I can be found detailing cars, sourcing parts for customers and building wiring harnesses. Failing that, i'm either pushing an old Ford or BMW (I love any car as long as it likes to rust or break down it seems), or tinkering with RC cars.

Website Manager

Username:   Lhasadreams
Name:          Adrian Daniels
Location:      Staffordshire

Responsible for maintaining and managing this website

I have owned my MK1 Golf GTI since 1993, bought as an unloved 10 year old motor with 112,000 miles on the clock. In the last 20 years she has covered another 65,000 miles :-)
Today she is modified from a performance standpoint but not cosmetically, as I love the original look of the Mk1 Golf.
The engine is based on the MK2 Golf Limited design, currently a 1.9L 16V Lysholm supercharged unit producing 240bhp and lots of torque!

I work for a small company called IBM - selling software tools to the software industry.

I try and get to as many shows as I can and run the Staffordshire Regional meetings.