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Mk1 Golf Owners Club Regional Hosts

East of England - Join Region

Username:   caddyrage
Name:          Lee Hull
Location:      Doddington, Cambs



East Midlands - Join Region

Username:   mits530
Name:          Mits Pancholi
Location:      Leicester

To run the Leicester/East Midlands Region alongside Faisal Hamed

I just recently joined the MK1 Owners club in January 2014 after my 2nd purchase off a MK 1 Clipper. After the purchase close friends decided they too wanted one and ended up with our own little community of 12 MK1 Clippers, having just recently attended our first annual gathering and talking to a great community of friends it was suggested that we should represent the Leicestershire Region.
  Having been in the motor trade and worked for main dealers for over 20 years myself and a friend decided to open our own garage based in Leicester, we carried out all the work ourselves on my Golf from a full rebuild and restoration, we are now taking on work from the Owners club and currently have projects for other customers so preferential rates will be given to owners from the Club should they wish to use our services.
  We'll be meeting on the 1st Wednesday off every month at 7.30pm located at my garage where questions can be answered and help to hand and to pass on knowledge. This truly is a great community and 2nd Family, many friendly and very helpful people in the Club.
We look forward to welcoming existing and new members where we can get together and organise meets, shows and events. Look forward to seeing you all.
My Car Service Repair Centre Ltd.
39 Cannock Street
T: 0116 2464644
F: 0116 2461554

Username:   Red-or-Dead
Name:          Bruce Charles
Location:      Loughborough


TBD Bruce

Ireland - Join Region

Username:   shughy
Name:          Hugh Coffey
Location:      Kilkenny, Ireland

I am the Irish Regional Host and like many others I am here to help promote the MK1 Golf Owners Club throughout the whole region of Ireland. We are a small community but in time we hope to grow and share the many things positive about the club and mk1 ownership. I try to encourage members to attend our many shows in Ireland and always plug the AGM in Uttoxeter.

I joined the club in february 2009 when I bought my first mk1 a white clipper cab, did it up (learned a lot) and sold it to purchase a mk1 sportline cab. I have been continually being doing bits over the past 4 years which I have enjoyed it emmensely. So much so I decided to start my own website dedicated to the 'sportline model' and see how many sportline are still about and on the roads. If I make the 2013 AGM, it will be my fifth in a row. I love this meet, touching base with old friends and every year making new ones. I am a Technology Teacher by trade so always keen to lend a hand and help out when needed. If you would like to know more about meets, shows or the AGM drop me a Private Topic (message) and I'll ensure that you're warmly welcomed into this great club. Don't forget to drop by the Irish Regional forum section too and say hello. Cheers Hugh

London - Join Region

Username:   SANJP
Name:          Sanj Patel
Location:      London



North East - Join Region

Username:   Project1
Name:          David Henry
Location:      Stockton on tees


TBD David

North West - Join Region

Username:   dano
Name:          Dan Perkins
Location:      Preston, Lancashire

North West Regional Host & Chairman, Moderator and clubs' dogs body! To promote the Mk1 Golf Owners Club and people in the club, concentrating on those in the North West region so it's members become part of our established Mk1 Golf community. Promote local shows where we will be putting on club stands, local and regular monthly meets :
Unphased VW & German Car Club
Encourage local members to understand the club in more detail, what it can do for members, how it can help save money and hopefully get them to join us at the "main event" the Mk1 Golf Annual Gathering in July each year.

Most of you know and those who don't, will do soon enough!!
Joined the club in 2004 as member '20' having bought my first Mk1 Golf cabriolet in 2002. Various restorations have been undertaken on the car over the years but the main one was completed in 2011 and an engine refurb in 2012. Totally standard car!!
Club wise I have been around since 2004. I was involved in the setting up the first regional meet back in 2005 and started an early regional competition to see who could get the mot cars to a meet each month. Friendly banter between the North West and South West flowed. I was accepted as a moderator, then progressed to Chairman in 2008, then Secretary in 2009 and then back as Chairman again in 2012.
This club is a very big part of my social life, havig made lots of close friends through the meet, AGM's and committee positions.
If you'd like to know more about a regional meet or the AGM and are a bit worried about coming along on your own, drop me a Private Topic (message) and I'll ensure that you're warmly welcomed at the meeting!!! Dan

Scotland - Join Region

Username:   macca
Name:         Greig Harvey
Location:      Lower Largo, Fife

I am the Scottish Regional Host and I am here to help promote the MK1 Golf Owners Club throughout the region, so that I can become an established and helpful community for the Scottish region.
To help encourage all local members to attend our monthly meets and to join the club and understand the savings that can be made with using our club sponsors discounts. Not like me who didn't join until I had bought all of the parts that I required for my rebuild.

I joined the club in 2005 when I bought my first mk1 golf, which was a 1983 black golf GTi, however after stripping the car, which was a non runner and buying the panels etc to sort it I decided that it was a bit much for my first project. So Im sorry to say it was cut up and sold on to keep other mk1 golfs on the road.
In 2008 I purchased the current car that I have, it was a rolling shell in Mars red. After getting it home I started on my 5 year rebuild of the car, which included buying a blue 1.3 driver on ebay for 30 for parts and building a 10m x 3m garage to facilitate my project.
Last year my wife bought a 1.8 clipper cabby (she couldn't see green cheese ) and now she has just joined the site.
April this year saw me get my 1983 Golf gti on the road and now Im getting to enjoy it whilst attending the shows and meeting folks that ive swapped banter and information with for years. Looking forward to attending my first annual meeting this year.

Scottish Region info
I'm here to assist in the running of the Scottish region. So if there is anything that you think I can help you with please feel free to get in touch. Greig

South East - Join Region

Username:   james_w
Name:          James Woods
Location:      Bracknell, Berkshire

Berkshire region host
Promote the berkshire monthly meet which has now been running over 7 years, arrange club stands at any shows in the region. Help with welcoming new members. I also run the Berkshire mk1 Facebook page.

I joined the forum in 2004 which was 2 years after I had sold my 3rd mk1 but have always liked mk1's & didn't get another mk1 until 2008 a few weeks after my 1st child was born.  I sold that car in 2011 to help fund a bigger family car & then last year got my 5th mk1 & 2nd child.  I'm very slowly trying to get it back on the road & hope to have it at some shows this year but work & bad weather are not helping.

Username:   ant5
Name:          Ant Parr
Location:      Cranfield, Bedfordshire

Dubboy and I run the Milton Keynes area, I also use mark "Funk-star" for help, advice and parts,

My name is ant, I'm 38 and work for building company as a Project Manager, so I run building sites !!!.
Married to Claire with two kids, Preston aged 4 and Eloise aged 2.
I'm ant5 on the forum, I joined in 2005, I think. I was converting my mk1 golf from a Gti to a g60, and used the forum for help and advice, at the 2006 AGM I became events manager and helped with the clubs progression with Rajan aka Dubboy who had become Chairman at the time, for two years we drove the club to new levels. With the introduction of a baby to our family my wife "MrsAnt5" and I took a step back and let others have a go at running the club.
As we left the hard work to others, Dubboy and I set up the Milton Keynes local region, and concentrated on promoting the club at a local level.
I still have my mk1 G60 and MrsAnt5 has a clipper cabrio, this is the third cabrio we have had having had an H reg clipper and an A reg triple white. Also had a white Y reg Gti, a polo G40, golf rallye, mk2 golf 16v and 8v, corrado, mk4 golf diesel x2 Polo diesel sport a Touareg  a Touran sport and now an Alfa Romeo 159. So I'm a vw fan. Ant

Username:   collo16v
Name:          Martin Evett-collins
Location:      Kent


TBD Martin

South West - Join Region

Username:   richyhill
Name:          Richard Hill
Location:      Bristol

Southwest Regional Host & Moderator. To help engage mk1 owners and people on the club concentrating on those in the Southwest become part of our established mk1 community. Promote local shows where we will be putting on club stands, local and regular monthly meets :
Bristol Dub Love - Home
Allow local members understand the club in more detail and combine local members to join us at the "main event" the mk1 Annual Gathering

Employed as a Area Manager for an interiors company that does interior refurbishment, fit out, space planning and furniutre supply, so if you have any premises that need fitting out, give me a shout
Joined the club in 2009 when i bought my first golf, a 1991 clipper cabriolet, then moved onto my sportline cabriolet in 2012. Always loved the mk1 golf, and after my first house purchase in 2007, and finding out the previous owner had kept a tin top mk1 golf in the garage i knew one would fit.
I spend most of my working week covering from Wales all the way down to Cornwall and the south coast in a diesel daily, so i look forward to getting in the mk1 and feeling what driving is all about.
My passion used to be for modified cars, mainly jap, but not i am getting more into OEM and am looking to get the golf as good as i can afford with a standard look, with maybe a few subtle tweaks such as the BBS RS wheels.
Club wise i have been around since 2009, quickly moved into a regional host role, and back end of 2012 accepted a moderators role also. This is by far the best club i have been a part of, i look forward to catching up with old faces and making new friends and seeing new faces at each show and meet i attend. This truely is a mk1 owners club 2nd family.
I look forward to hearing from new users interested in the club and local meets, see you there! Rich

Username:   arf333
Name:          Scott Brimble
Location:      Bristol

Southwest Regional Host.
Welcome new local members to the site, organise clubstands for various local VW shows. I also helped set up and run a local VAG monthly meet aswell as promote the AGM, trying to get as many from the southwest to come along as possible.

I joined the club in 2011 shortly after buying my Clipper, I only bought the car becuase i wanted an old VW + a convertible for the summer. Back then i hadnt been hit with the MK1 bug but since joining ive met alot of good people and made many new friends, then before i knew it my "cheap summer toy" had turned into a major part of my life.
I work for Nisbets Catering Equipment for the last few years, its nothing too exciting just an office job but keeps a roof over my head and petrol in the car so no complaints there
Hopefully catch you at show soon!
(and yes, thats the only pic decent i could find of me in club gear :lol:)

Username:   borednow
Name:          Ian Baldwin
Location:      Camborne, Cornwall

Cornwall Regional Host
Ideally I'd like to get the word out about the MK1OC and the great people involved in the club across the Cornwall and West Devon Region. In time a larger 'multi car culture' meet is in my mind for us down in the West.
Any and all ideas welcomed.
Come and Join us. We don't bite honestly  :thumbs:

I've had a mk1 Derby (Mk1 polo with a boot) for several years and unfortunately the VW bug bit hard!  :lol:  I picked up the Clipper Cabby early in 2013 and joined up to the club. The idea was for a car for Lady Borednow to run around in the summer and come with me to shows in etc. Unfortunately she rarely drives it as I tend to have it pieces most of the time! She does manage a few trips down to the beach with the dog (Daisy - a mad springer spaniel) in tow. The daily is also now a VW. It is a boring diesel estate though (I've managed to refrain from any mods so far but we'll see how long this lasts ;)  )

I can normally be found at the weekends in a garage somewhere fixing something - probably because a broke it earlier, or polishing stuff. Ian

Wales - Join Region

Wales Region

Username:   TBD
Name:          ?? ??
Location:      South Wales



West Midlands - Join Region

Username:   lhasadreams
Name:          Adrian Daniels
Location:      Stafford

I work with Anna (Cabrioanna) and Ansar (Ans4r) run the West Midlands region. We organise meets at curry houses and public houses, usually on a Sunday afternoon / Early evening.

I have owned my MK1 Golf GTI since 1993, bought as an unloved 10 year old motor with 112,000 miles on the clock. In the last 20 years she has covered another 65,000 miles :-)
Today she is modified from a performance standpoint but not cosmetically, as I love the original look of the Mk1 Golf.
The engine is based on the MK2 Golf Limited design, currently a 1.9L 16V Lysholm supercharged unit producing 240bhp and lots of torque!
I try and get to as many shows as I can and run this website. Cheers Ade

Username:   cabrioanna
Name:          Anna Bebbington
Location:      Staffordshire

Organise and attend national and local events to maintain the high profile of the club, including the AGM. Support Regional Hosts and encourage local meets.

Well, I'm married to Elvis (no, he doesn't work in the local chippy). We have 2 labradors and a passion for all things VW, especially my Mk1 Cabrio and our split screen panel van.
We live a couple of miles from the centre of Uttoxeter, home of the AGM.
For the past 15 years I have worked as an Architectural Technician producing technical drawings for buildings and managing building projects.
I currently work for the local authority as an architect for social services, managing a small team to deliver adaptations for disabled adults and children.
It means that I meet a lot of people on a day to day basis and have to liaise with lots of departments within the authority. It's a job that I love, but unfortunately I can't do surprise visits to site anymore to check up on progress of the jobs without the contractors spotting my car first!
I work full time, but work flexible hours and don't work weekends, which enables me to endulge in my Cabrio cleaning fetish, do work on the Splitty, maybe a spot of baking, and attend lots of VW shows with Elv throughout the year.
I joined the club as a paid member just over 2 years ago and with my first AGM in 2010.
I love being part of such a great club, I've made so many friends in such a short space of time and found myself becoming more involved with club related things. Anna

Username:   Ans4r
Name:          Ansar Mahmood
Location:      Birmimgham


TBD Ansar

Yorkshire & The Humber - Join Region

Username:   gordonthegolfer
Name:          Chris Davis
Location:      Lincoln, Lincolnshire

To work along side Hairyarse (Andy) with the smooth running of the Lincolnshire region. Between us we will be organising local gatherings and meetings around the county for all our MK1 followers & fans aswell as joining up with our neighboring counties.

Originally from Bath in North-East-Somerset i moved to sunny Lincolnshire in 2000, bought my first house & settled my routes here. I've always been into classic cars from the day i passed my test. Owning many different makes and models from a Mk1 Ford Fiesta XR2 to a Reliant Scimitar GTE. I caught the VW Bug in 2003 when i bought a Mk3 Polo Coupe. After a couple of Mk2 Golfs & classic Beetles, i finally got round to purchasing my first MK1 Golf in October 2012. After my initial search on the internet, i stumbled across the MK1 Forum, which became a host of valuable information served up by some very helpful and knowledgeable people.
After purchasing my Golf i undertaken some basic servicing , then booked it into the bodyshop for some cosmetic tidying. hes now my daily driver, come rain or shine hes out and about on the streets of Lincoln. If you see us at any local meets or the AGM, come over and say hi, a warm welcome will await.
Hope to meet you all soon
Stay safe Chris

Username:   hairyarse
Name:          Andy Day
Location:      Stamford, Lincolnshire

To assist Gordonthegolfer (Chris) - our other Regional Host - to grow the LINCS region. It's always been a little sparsely supported so now's the time for us to make the region bigger and better. With LINCS bordering with so many other Counties we're more than happy to meet up with other regions for joint meets.

Well I'm proud to say that I've been here since the beginnings of the club - member no 4!  :cool:  I've acted as both Events and Merchandise Manager in the past and now help out with the Moderating Team. Work has dragged me away from here quite a bit over the last couple of years but I always maintain MK1 in my blood and hope now that I am back for good!
I do have a reputation of having one of the longest resto's as it took years to get started and is taking years to get finished, but it's my Campaign's 30th Birthday this year and 10 years of ownership so I think it must get finished now. My car was also known for having one black over-sill slapped over the mars red paint (by a previous owner I hasten to add!) that will never be seen again.Andy