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Ultimate Dubs
2017 started with a bang! And a 5th straight win in a row as the Club secured Best Club Stand again. It appears that green was 'in' that year!!

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The 13th Annual Gathering returned to Stratford Upon Avon Racecourse over the weekend of 28 - 30th July.

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Once again The Drive Out took participants to Broadway Tower, Worcestershire. At 1024ft above sea level the location provided a great view of surrounding countryside and of course lovely ice cream!!Member Of The Year

A count up of Mk1 Golfs gave at total of ????

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Here is some footage of the Drive Out

Photographs of the Drive Out, taken by Matt Bedworth of MDB Images, can be viewed here

Chairman - Simon Berry - 36th CrazyFist (from 19/01/17)
Treasurer - Graham Welch - Yomp
Secretary - Andy Day - Hairyarse
Events Manager - Anna Bebbington - Cabrioanna
Membership - Amanda palmer - m00 (Dave Giles stood down 21/01/17)
Website Manager - Adrian Daniels - Lhasadreams
Social Media Manager - Ansar Mahmood - Ans4r
Web Team Manager - Glen Dodsworth - EW
Design Manager - Joe90K
Merchandise Manager - Ahmet - NOSMonkey
Moderator Team Leader - Carl Chorley - Chortle

Member Of The Year
Mike - Golf Cabrio
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Best Daily Driver
Jason Butterworth - H58UGC
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Top 3 Modified
John Leonard - ODD641P
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Neil Butler - BRO844X
Picture 8.png

Scott Russell - VKW359Y
Picture 9.png

Top 3 OEM +
Greig Harvey - A832SHS
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Richard Stringer - AVS697N
Picture 12.png

Jeff Skillman - YMV578Y
Picture 11.png

Top 3 Standard
David Herons - WPJ642Y
Picture 13.png

Dave Watson - HGT471T
Picture 14.png

Malcolm Ray - LTR141Y
Picture 15.png

Best Commercial
Geoff Skinner - GHS491X
Picture 16.png

Best Engine - Walter Ainsworth Award
Martin Devil - I-LUH-156
Picture 17.png

Jeremy Hillock Award for Best GTI
Dean Gallow - E391AJN
Picture 18.png

Best Paint
Ian Thompson - SWO131Y
Picture 19.png

Best Wheels
Lee Aubrey - D9AUB
Picture 20.png

Best Interior
Mark Smigg - Awaiting picture

Track Slag Award
Elias - VOD855X
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Keith Keenan Trophy - Best Standard Hatchback
Dave Heron - WPJ642Y
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Best In Show
John Leonard - ODD641P
Picture 23.png Picture 24.png

Peoples' Choice Award
The Peoples' Choice Award is sponsored by Crazyquiffs' Emporium. The colour of the winning car determines next years' theme.
Yellow is the colour 2018!
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If you've never been to the Annual Gathering, here is some of what you are missing.
click here to be taken to the 2017 Annual Gathering photographs

Bristol Volksfest
Over the weekend of 14 - 16th June saw its 25th anniversary and to celebrate a large Club stand with lots of members enjoying the good weather was organised by Richard Hill aka Richyhill, the atmosphere was 'lively'!!
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Wicklow Tour - Ireland
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Malvern Classic Car Show
The outdoor show season finale came and went and before we knew it the Season closer was upon us.

The NEC Classic Car Show
Held over the weekend of 10-12th November and we scooped the award for best use of social media.

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