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How to Post Pictures on the Mk1 Golf Owners Club Forum

We have had many requests to make it easier to post photos on the forum.

We have implemented an integration to Photobucket.

The integration allows you to add an attachment image to any of your posts, the image is automatically uploaded to your Photobucket Account and added to your post.

So, what do you need to do to take advantage of this (please follow the instructions in the order below):

One off setup steps first
(1) Get yourself a Photobucket Account from If you already have one then you are good to go.
(2) Open your favourite browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome or IE) and log into your Photobucket account.
(3) In the same browser open a second tab and logon to and go to the forums and pick the forum you would like to post an image in and click "Add Topic". If you are on mobile or tablet make sure you select the Full Post Editor.
(4) I chose the "General Chat" area. Give your post a title - so it should now look like this:

(5) Scroll down to the Attachments section (if it is closed, open it up by clicking the arrow head on the far right) and click the "Upload to Photobucket (required)" box.

(6) An integration dialogue box will open, click allow to authorise the Mk1 Golf Owners Site to post to Photobucket on your behalf.

(7) An authorisation dialogue will appear, click close.

(8) Click the "Upload" button so that you can choose the image that you want to display on your post.

(9) Select your image from the dialogue that pops up - this will be different between laptop, mobile and tablet, but the end result is the same, and image selected.

(10) A new line will appear in your post - When you submit your post that will get turned in to a URL that points to an image automatically uploaded to Photobucket. So add any more text that you want in your post and click "Add Topic". Be aware that this may take a little longer as the image is being uploaded to Photobucket.

You can see my automatically posted image here:…obucket-test#post_1346066

To post another or subsequent image in one of your posts
Start a new Topic/Post as usual and then repeat steps 8 to 10.
The steps are really easy to do - shout if you get stuck.