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Rules and Guidelines

Please take a few minutes to read the rules and guidelines as set out below:

In the main is a family friendly website used by members of all ages who hold different views and opinions. Everyone who uses the site needs to appreciate this point and we have to date enjoyed a high standard of behaviour from our users.

We'd like this to continue, especially as we hope to encourage the next generation of drivers to take an interest in the Mk1 Golf and know we already have some young fans.

So with that in mind, we ask that swearing or attempts to mask swearing with symbols, overt sexual inuendo, racist attitudes, bigotry and any kind of libellous or defamatory posting is refrained from. In short they will not be tolerated. Posts will be deleted and unless attitudes change, offending users will be banned.

In addition, users who choose usernames and/or avatars that contain sexual references, or language which wouldn't make it onto TV before 9pm, will be required to re-register, or change their avatar, so choose carefully: by all means, pick something creative and funny, but not rude or sexually oriented.

No, we aren't sexually-repressed prudes but we've noticed that forums who remain honest, open, fun, pleasant and *clean* do a lot better, get more repeat visitors, with more knowledge being shared, and are generally nicer places to be. There's a plentiful supply of sex and bad language in the real world, and all over the internet too, so if that's your thing use those sites but remember, this site is about cars and in particular, one of the best cars ever made, so those things are just not relevant here.

Decisions regarding posts moderation, avatars and usernames will be dealt with by our team of moderators and decisions are final.
If a non member posts about the running of the club or its decisions then the thread/post shall be deleted without reason - If you want your say into how the club is run - Join up, pay your membership fee and post your concerns/suggestion in the club business section of the forum called the 'Members Lounge'.

Non pre-approved commercial advertising on the forum is not permitted and will be moderated. For details of how to advertise, please contact
We are working hard to promote the image of the club (for you, the users), so if we are to be taken seriously by suppliers, manufacturers and the media, then we all need to be aware of the image that the forum gives to the wider public. Work with us and enjoy the benefits for all!
We want this site to remain honest, open, fun, pleasant and clean. So far so good, help us keep it that way!

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