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1969First “Golf” prototypes developed code named EA-276 as a replacement for the Beetle
April 74Start of Golf production in Wolfsburg, Germany. Hatchback offered with 3 or 5 doors, 1093cc or 1471cc engines with 4 speed gearbox and choice of trim levels base, “S”, “L”, or “LS”
October 743-speed automatic gearbox available for the 1471cc engine
September 75World Premier of Golf GTi at the IAA, Frankfurt
1588cc engine replaces 1471cc
December 75“Swallowtail” form in rear panel deleted
March 76500,000 Golfs built
June 76Golf GTi production commences, initially with LHD only. Legendary fuel injected 1588cc 110PS engine, close ratio 4-speed gearbox, uprated suspension, 5.5”x13” wheels, sports trim
August 76Many revisions including body, trim, electrics and heating
September 76Introduction of the Golf diesel
October 761,000,000 Golfs built in world record time
August 771457cc engine replaces 1588cc
June 782,000,000 Golfs built
April 78Westmoreland factory in US opens producing “Rabbit” versions for the home market.
August 78Plastic wrap-around bumpers replace metal versions
January 79Production of the Cabriolet version commences at Karmann, the coachbuilders contracted by VW for design and manufacture. Model choice between 1457cc engine “GLS” or fuel injected 1588cc engine “GLi”
March 796 year anti-corrosion warranty offered
July 79RHD GTis appear in UK
August 791272cc engine introduced
3 door “Driver” special edition introduced with GTi styling
September 79
January 1980
3,000,000 Golfs built
Golf GTi gains 5-speed gearbox
August 80“Series 2” replaces “Series 1”. Main changes include larger rear lights, revised dashboard and instruments. 17 digit international VIN replaces 10 digit VIN
November 804,000,000 Golfs built
January 81“Formel E” introduced with 3+E gearbox, fuel economy gauge, change up light, GTi front spoiler & A pillar trims
August 81New models designations “C”, “CL”
February 825,000,000 Golfs built
August 821781cc 112PS engine replaces 1588cc in the Golf GTi and GLi
“GTD” version introduced for Europe with turbo diesel engine and 70PS
May 83Special editions introduced for Mk1 run out with additional equipment:
“LX” based on the L
“GX” based on the GL
“Campaign” version of the GTi
August 836,000,000 Golfs built
December 83Mk1 Golf production ends at Wolfsburg, replaced by Mk2. Production continues in South Africa of popular “Citi Golf”
August 85“Clipper” version of Cabriolet replaces GL
August 86Special edition “CC” introduced as a celebration of open air festivals with blue trim containing CC motif
August 91Special editions introduced for Cabriolet GTi run out with additional equipment:
“Sportline” with black BBS RA wheels, Recaro interior
“Rivage” with Le Castellet alloy wheels, special trim
“Rivage Leather” as Rivage with beige leather trim
July 93Last Mk1 Cabriolet rolls off the Karmann production line, replaced by Mk3
November 09Last South African Citi Golf rolls off production line. A total of 517,000 Citi golfs were produced

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