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Injectors/Metering Head/Airbox

Injectors/Fuel Lines
  • Use 16V Injectors and Injector Fuel lines.
Metering Head
  • Both Mk1 8V GTI, and 16V (KR and 9A) metering heads work. General Guide is the metering head should match the injectors. If KR spec injectors are used then KR Metering Head. If larger 9A Injectors used it may be best to use the Mk1 Metering Head as rumour has it the Mk1 (Esp the 1.6 GTI) spec metering heads are actually better.
  • Mk1 GTI or Mk2 16V GTI Airbox. The metering heads are straight swaps if you decide to swap them.
  • Ideally the Mk1 Airbox as it is smaller and less chopping is required to get it to fit. The lower part has to be adjusted to fit on the chassis leg and allow bonnet to close. Either chop lots off to get lots of clearance and airflow, or cuta slot to allow it to stay located on chassis leg joint. If unstable/ to reduce vibration it may be worth making a bracket to mount it securely to the leg.
  • Having looked at other conversions it may be useful to note that 16V engines appear to come with two variations on the Plastic/Rubber duct that fits to the Metering Head. The Passat 16V (And later mk2 16Vs) is a lower profile than that of the Early Mk2 Golf 16V and the Mk1 8V, allowing more clearance and requiring less material to be removed from the bottom of the Air box.

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