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Hood Replace (Page 2)

6. Detach the side tension cables from the rear spring and the front hook if they are still attached. I didn`t have any cables!

Hood Replacement6a

Hood Replacement6b

7. Pull the front pocket of the hood away from the frame.

Hood Replacement7

8. Open the boot, reach inside and detach the base of the headliner from the metal spikes on the under side of the two parcel shelf supports. Tuck the headliner up over the rear window frame to get it out the way while you work on detaching the rear cable in the next few steps.

Hood Replacement8

9. Close the hood and unscrew and remove the covers just behind the rear side window.

Hood Replacement9

10. Unscrew the hydraulic strut and move it out of the way to gain better access to the ends of the rear cable.

Hood Replacement10

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