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Washer Bottle

If you have the standard Mk1 Water bottle, mounted on the Inner Driver side rear wing. If you are planning on running K-Jet, you will have to relocate it as the 16V KJet metering head and airbox will be occupying that corner of the engine bay. Some mk1s came with a water bottle mounted behind the battery on the passenger side, including same late cabbys. If so there is no need to move it or change anything, the same applies if you will be running T/Bs, Carbs, or the Scirocco 16v manifold.

Here are three suggested options:
  • Buy a mk1 rear washer bottle bracket (L-shaped metal bracket from boot) and mount behind grill down next to radiator. The front and rear mk1 tanks are identical, so I chose this option as it meant I could use existing tank, tube and wiring.
  • Relocate to RHS of engine bay, a bigger tank can be used if required as you’ll have load of rood. Requires moving wires and tubing a bracket to mount bottle. Neatest option is likely to be if you can find the std mk1 fitment bottle that fits behind the battery.
  • Relocate to next to wiper motor, not sure what tanks can be used but a trip round the scrappy would probably find one of a useable shape.

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