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Throttle Cable

I have heard of a few options, all of which are slight bodges. The cable can fit wrong in several ways; the cable itself is too long (So when mounted at full adjustment cable cannot pull on throttle mechanism), the Hook mount to the pedal lever is too long (so messing up fitment of cable sleeve to bulkhead), and finally, the mk1 cables have a different cable end at the throttle body to the 16V.

  • Mk2 16V, hook approx right length but cable too long, overall quite short so curves round quite tightly.
  • Passat 2.0l 16V: Hook too long, cable too long. But, the extra length means it curves round more naturally.
  • Corrado 16v cable: (??)
  • Mk1 GTI cable: Hook correct length, Cable too long, cable end doesn’t match 16v T/B
  • Mk1 Carb or Diesel Cable: Hook correct length, Cable length (??),cable end doesn’t match 16v T/B
There’s a few ways of getting round the cable length problem:
  • Shorten cable and add clamp to end to allow T/B to pull on it, suggestions include bike related endings. Haven’t found one yet but this has been successful.
  • Bend the actual accelerator pedal.
  • Adapt the bracket that the cable mounts in. When I first fitted mine, I ran the longer Passat cable with a simple spacer (Aluminium rectangle with 4 holes!) to move the bracket along.
Clutch Cable
If using a Rod Change (o2o) use either Standard Mk1 Clutch Cable, or Mk1 Diesel clutch cable, this is shorter and can run behind engine. Remember to keep it away from the hot exhaust manifold.

If using o2a gearbox (cable change), aside from changing the cable change shifter you will either need to convert to a Hydraulic clutch, or convert the clutch to cable operation using Seat parts (not covered here).

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