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Throttle Body

Use a 16V spec throttle body, preferably the one that matches the injection system being used (K-Jet, KE-Jet etc) as it will have the correct connections and spec. i.e. if K-Jet mk1 KR ECU etc used then use KR (K-Jet) 16V T/B.

The 9A T/B has a Throttle position sensor on the bottom. This is of no use if running K-Jet but if you plan on running aftermarket or more advanced management than KJet (like the 9A native KE-Jet, Emerald, DTA, Mega squirt etc) then it will be required. It WILL work with K-jet, but as it's intended to run with management it has no bleed screw to control idle, this can be added if required.

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