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Two main options: Stay with Rod-Change O2O box (As fitted as std in mk1s, mk2s and various VAG cars) or Cable Change O2A boxes (Early/mid 90s onwards Mk3 Golfs, Passats, etc)
  • O2O Considerations:
    • Use clutch friction plate to match the gearbox. Mk1 and Mk2 O2O boxes have differing gearbox splines so the friction plates are incompatible even though they look the same. Pressure Plates are interchangeable and Flywheels are the same.
    • Consider changing gear linkage bushes whilst engine is out, simple job and full kit is cheap.
  • Popular Gearbox options:
    • Mk1 1.8 GTI gearbox (Rod Change): use Mk1 flywheel and friction plate.
      Mk2 16v pressure plate is identical to the Mk1 pressure plate but higher force (stronger springs), so can also be used as an upgrade.
    • Mk1 1.6 GTI gearbox (Rod Change): Code is ‘FD’ I believe, from what I gather it is similar to 1.8 box but lower ratios, track and 1/4 mile lads seem to be big fans…
    • Mk2 16V GTI gearbox (Rod Change): use the Mk2 16V flywheel, mk2 16v friction plate and mk2 16v pressure plate, gearbox changer rods connect to mk1 GTI linkage as a mk1 gearbox would.
    • Various Cable Change O2A gearboxes: These will require change of shift mechanism to cable change and either conversion of gearbox to Cable clutch (Using Seat parts) or conversion of the whole cars clutch setup to hydraulic clutch. This will also require o2o to o2a conversion gearbox mounts.
These are the main options, there may be others.

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