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Notes on Mk1 16V Conversion


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There have been elements of Mk1 16V ‘Guides’ floating around the web for a while now, including one good one in txt format, so don’t be surprised if parts of this look familiar. Initially this started as a compilation of what I found reordered for clarity, but it has grown since then. It has been added to over time from information picked up from experience, talking to others who have done the conversion, and of course from threads on the CGTI and Mk1 Owners Club forums.

If there are mistakes, you can fill any voids or you can clear up any questions, please let me know. Likewise if you have clear images email them over, I’m intending to add them in if they make things clearer.

This conversion is fairly common, there is a wealth of experience out there so the more people that add to these things, hopefully the better and more comprehensive it can get, preferably email me so I can keep it all together



I have tried to keep the FAQ objective, but please be aware that this isn’t formal advice of any kind, just a kind of check list of considerations. You are responsible for anything you do!

Love the new site guys and glad to see the FAQ etc will be used rather than left dormant.  If it's ok I may now remove from my dropbox account now you guys have taken it over.

I do have the MS Word versions of these files if that makes formatting easier, I distributed them as PDFs mainly for file size.