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16 Valve Guide

List of Contents
Notes on Mk1 16V Conversion : Compilation of 'FAQ', experiances and Notes on the Mk1 16V conversion, discussing options for aspects of the conversion.

Notes on MK1 16V Distributor Options : FAQ on mk1 16V Distributer and Cap Options.

6A into Mk1 or Mk2 Conversion Guide : Two Page pdf guide to converting 6A engines for use in Mk1 and Mk2 Golfs.

Mk1 16V Conversion - VW Motoring Article : Four Page Mk1 16V Guide/Article from VW Motoring Magazine.

CGTI Rabbit Magazine Conversion Article : Copy of a Guide to the Mk1 16V conversion from CGTI's Rabbit Magazine.

Mk1 16V Conversion - The Golf Q&A : Two Extracts from the 'The Golf' (Now Golf+) magazines Q&A section relating to Mk1 16V Conversions.

Image 1 - Mk2 K-Jet 16V ECU and TCI Loom : Image of a Mk2 K-Jet 16V ECU, TCI and appropriate Loom laid out and labeled.

Image 2 - 9A Block with sensors : Image of RHS side of a 9A Block, used to demonstrate sensor positions (See 'Notes').

TSR Mk1 16V Conversion Loom Diagram : Image of TSRs custom loom, for reference.

KR 16V ISV Wiring Diagram : Scan of wiring diagram for the mk2 16V ISV from Haynes Manual.

KR 16V ISV Wiring Diagram : Guide to connections on 16V ISV loom.
This is the main content for the conversion guides.

Feel free to suggest some of your own and we can add them to the wiki