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Gear Ratio Guide

Gear Ratio Guide

The table below covers all 020 transmissions as found in big block (1.5, 1.6, 1.8 and above) Mk1 Golfs. Note that VW also used the 020 transmission on Scirocco, Caddy, Jetta, and continued to use it for most big block Golf Mk2 (not G60? or 4WD) and most (not 16V, VR6 or 4WD) Golf Mk3 too, so you will often find newer and different transmissions.
Note that there are differences which mean they might not be a direct fitment.

The table below, illustrates the gear ratios found inside, and the differences which should be taken into account. Note too, that higher power engine conversions (eg 20vT, G60, 2.0l 16V) can use the 020 transmission if the flywheel and clutch are swapped (match the flywheel/clutch to the gearbox, match the friction disc to the input shaft!)
 CODE1ST2ND3RD4TH5THFINAL DRIVETOP GEAR X FDNOTESFLANGESSWITCH MOUNTINPUTSHAFT                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Code1st     2nd    3rd     4th5thfinal drive    top gear x FD       notesflanges    switchmountinput shaftGC3.451.941.29    0.97                3.893.774 speed up to '80??? GC,GN3.451.941.280.91 3.893.544 speed from '81??? GP,GL3.451.751.060.71 3.892.763+E from '81??? GY3.451.751.060.71 4.172.963+E Pick up??? FO3.451.941.290.97        0.763.892.9611/78-5/7990smallstud FF,FG?,FH3.451.941.290.970.763.892.96Up to 07/8090largestud FF,FN,FH,FJ3.451.941.290.910.713.892.76From '8190largestud FM,FD,FK3.452.121.441.130.913.893.54Close Ratio90smallstud 6G3.451.941.291.290.913.653.32Euro 8/82-7/8390largestud 7G3.452.121.441.130.913.653.32Close Ratio, Euro 8/82-7/8390largestud 2H3.452.121.441.130.913.943.59Close Ratio '83 GTI90largestud 4S3.451.941.290.910.753.942.9686-90 1.6 Diesel100largehole AGS, AOP3.451.941.290.910.753.942.9686-90 1.6 Diesel100smallhole 4T,8A3.451.941.290.910.753.672.75Euro From 8/8390largestud 7A3.451.941.290.910.713.942.80From 8/8390largestud 4K3.452.121.441.130.893.943.51Close Ratio90largestud 4Y3.452.121.441.130.893.673.27Close Ratio 1.8 8v90largestud 9A3.452.121.441.130.893.673.27Close Ratio '85-'89100largehole AEN,ACD3.452.121.441.130.893.673.27Close Ratio '85-'89100smallboth ACH3.451.941.371.030.753.942.9685-'86 1.6 Diesel90largehole 2Y3.452.121.441.130.913.673.34Close Ratio,16v100smallboth24mmAGB3.452.121.441.130.913.673.34Close Ratio,16v100largeboth24mmACN, ACL3.451.941.371.030.753.672.751.8 8v100largehole AON, ASF3.451.941.371.030.753.672.751.8 8v100smallhole AUG,DGF,DGT3.451.941.441.130.893.673.271.8 8v '90-'93100smallhole AWY3.451.941.441.130.893.943.51'90 Diesel100smallhole AVX3.451.941.290.910.754.253.191.6 TD ECO90smallhole CHB,APW,DFN3.451.941.371.030.853.673.12From '93 1.890largehole CHD,DFP,ATH3.451.941.280.910.753.672.75From '93 1.9 TD 75hp100smallhole CHE,DFQ,AMC3.451.941.280.970.83.672.94From '93 115hp,Large input shaft100smallhole24mmDGD3.451.941.280.970.83.672.94From '93 115hp100smallhole?7D3.451.941.250.910.713.942.80?90largestud Notes:

Unless stated, the input shaft is 22mm
Flanges - 90 or 100mm. You can swap flanges between gearboxes if needs be, or fit suitable driveshafts to match the gearbox
Switch - reversing light switch
Mount - the Mk1 uses studs along the edge of the diff housing, the Mk2 uses a hole in the casing. Most Mk2 gearboxes have suitable threads along the diff housing to fit studs, if it doesn't have them in place already.

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hello,bought my first gti cabrio mk1 recently,when i select 2nd gear when cold it crunches when warm doesnt,any ideas why pl;ease?