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Gear Linkage Change (Page 10)

46. Make sure the 'finger' (or 'funny plastic bit in a sort of L-shape') sits half way along the metal plate i.e. it should be in the middle.


47. There should be a 19mm clearance between the finger and the metal bracket as shown in the pictures.



48. Once you have set your 19mm clearance, move to the front of the car and carefully tighten the pinch bolt without moving the mechanism.


49. At this point I refitted the cover plate with the single 13mm bolt at the front of the car and checked all gears engaged properly.


Hopefully you could follow all that and also it improves the feel of your gearbox.
It's well worth doing a fluid change too while you're spending all this time making things feel better, it's an often-neglected service item.

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Big thanks to the author!!!
:thumbs:I have a copy of the whole guide in pdf if anyone wants it.
This is very useful, thank you.

Where would you suggest buying the mk1 set from?
Excellent guide! Changed mine today and followed step by step. Legend! 👌😎