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Gear Linkage Change (Page 9)

41. Get your nice new bush and line it up with the hole where the shift rod heads towards the box. Use a flat blade screwdriver to push the lip of the bush into the bracket - be firm and push hard and it will slide in.
Do this as much as you can (you won't be able to reach the top of the bush), then rotate the hole thing with a pair of mole grips so that the top of the bush (that isn't yet fitted to the bracket) is accessible from underneath.
Be careful it doesn't pop out when rotating it by holding it in place with your thumb. Then push this through with the screwdriver so it is fully seated (see picture 41b).



42. Now slide the shift rod through the bush with the splined end heading towards the pinch joint from step 3. Slide it into the joint but don't tighten the pinch bolt (you'll need to rotate the shaft in a little while to set up the gear linkage).


43. Back up inside the car and drop the gearstick back in. Make sure the holes line up on the flange and the car (see arrows). If you can't see the threaded holes at either end of the plate then rotate through 180 degrees.


44. Now fit the two 10mm bolts to hold the plate solid.


45. Jump back underneath and slide the bar from step 42 into place so that the two bushes (from step 13) fit inside the bracket from the shifter. Tighten the bolt (10mm / 13mm nut+bolt assembly) that holds this all together.


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