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Gear Linkage Change (Page 1)

1. Gain access to the base of the gear stick. Unfortunately I did not have any of the trim on here so can`t tell you how! Once you have got to the bracket and bolts shown in the picture, remove the 2 bolts holding the plate down.


2. Jack the car up as high as you can, the higher you get it the easier this job is (use axle stands).


3.Looking up near the front of the linkage you will find the shaft from the gear lever ends in a box/ball mechanism. Remove the 13mm pinch bolt that holds the rod in place.


4. Now the selector rod should be able to slide out and be completely free at the front.


5. Now look up to the other end of the shaft (where it meets the gear stick) and you should find a rubber housing of some kind. Again, I did not have this so can`t tell you any more than that! Remove it to gain access.


6. Using a 10mm spanner and a 13mm spanner, remove the bolt holding the linkage and bushes together.


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