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Other Notes

If the 16V originally had PAS and you have removed the PAS setup, ensure you have the correct pulley on the Water Pump, otherwise pump will not be driven at the correct speed.

The PAS 16Vs had two configurations:
  • Double pulley on crankshaft: The extra PAS pump pulley on the crankshaft can be removed and the rest left as std.
  • Double pulley on Water pump shaft: Pulleys on water pump shaft should be changed for a std single water pump pulley, found on all other 8V and 16Vs.
Coolant system
Mk1 GTI Radiator and Expansion tank. Set-up pipe work as standard on the 16V. 16V Solid Hose to heater matrix, 16V Rubber Hoses between the Water Pump and Oil Cooler. 8V hose for the rest as appropriate, to fit Mk1 elements such as radiator, expansion tank, and outlet/inlet to heater matrix.

Dave (‘ManicGTI’)


Picture diary of conversion:

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