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Aside from the obvious requirement for upgraded brakes, the new Distributor location is close to the Master Cylinder (m/c) and Brakes lines, and the HT lead are likely to foul on the lines.
  • To gain some clearance change the Master Cylinder for a 22mm 16V spec one (shorter than mk1 M/C), also turn the 16V brake fluid reservoir around so the Max/Min indictors face the bulkhead. NB Use a reservoir off a Non-PAS 16V, as otherwise it will have an additional non-required outlet for hydraulic clutch.
  • There are various configurations of 16V Master Cylinder available, aftermarket (Ie GS&F) tending to have four outlets (2 each side), VAG ones having less (2 or 3). As standard there will be four Brakes lines in addition to Two Brake pressure sensors to operate the brake lights (One in each Brake Fluid Circuit).
  • The requirement for pressure sensors can be negated by wiring an electrical switch (as fitted to more recent cars) to the brake pedal assembly. Alternatively ‘T’ Pieces will be required between the Brake lines and the Master Cylinder.
  • For added clearance it would be useful to use only the two Right hand Master Cylinder outlets, blocking off any outlets on the Left hand side of the M/C. This will require using additional ‘T’ Pieces to combine the brake lines before they arrive at the M/C.
  • At the same time as changing Master Cylinder, you might as well change Servo to 9” spec one from a 16V Passat/Golf.

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