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Cold start system options

Mk1 GTI Air Aux Valve (AAV)
The quick option if you already have a Mk1 GTI. Simply fit the existing mk1 GTI AAV into the place where the Mk2 16V ISV would normally sit.
  • Fit in place of the 16V ISV, requires a small amount of creative use of the rubber pipework you have from the two engines. Ensure direction of air flow (indicated by arrow on side) is the same as the 16V ISV would fit.
  • Uses the original Mk1 GTI Loom multi-pin connector. No adjustment is required apart from moving the wire and connector from the left rear of the engine bay to the front right.
  • Remember you can do this option first and fit the ISV later if you require it as it requires no extra work.
Mk2 16V Idle Stabilisation Valve (ISV)
Requires ISV, Loom and control box from the mk2 16V. The Haynes wiring diagram and a PDF guide to the loom connections are included in the ZIP. This is part of the Mk2 main engine to passenger compartment loom as it connects to a control box (Marked ‘244’) under the Mk2 dash, the loom section required can be removed if the loom is stripped down.

I assume this is the ‘better’ option but have had no problems running the mk1 valve.

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