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Fuel System

The fuel lines that come from the back of the car originally come into engine bay at bottom left rear, they cross the rear of the bay about half way up and then bend forward along chassis leg to air box at front right. Bear in mind they are hard, stiffand can crack easily, for this reason bending is not ideal and should be approached with caution, replacement of sections with the appropriate flexible pipe may be required.

For the 16V (unless using Scirocco Inlet Manifold, in which case the injection system can stay in standard position) they need to end at the left hand front of engine bay.
Sort this out whilst the engine is out of the car.

There are various options:
  • Bend the existing solid lines VERY carefully across to desired position on left. They will be slightly too long and in an awkward position, so will need trimming.
  • Cut solid lines at their entrance to the engine bay (Or wherever convenient in engine bay) run flexible fuel hose to top front left where Metering head will be.
  • Run new solid lines from the fuel pump (At rear next to fuel tank) to desired position in engine bay.
  • Run new braided rubber lines from fuel pump to desired position. Not ideal having flexible hose under car.
  • Any fuel hose used must be high pressure Injection rated fuel Hose. Lengths of Hose can be easy bought, trimmed to size and clamped. It is also possible to order custom sections of flexible hose with ‘proper’ end fittings to connect to the solid lines or existing banjo fittings.
  • The location of the fuel filter must be considered, it can be fitted in the std position on what will be the front of the Mk1 GTI air box, but this leaves it very close to the front slam panel. For safety consider relocating to somewhere further back, i.e. on suspension turret or behind airbox.
I have done this in two ways. Initially I bent the solid lines across to the LHS of the engine bay, then cut and shortened them. I used short sections of high pressure fuel rubber hose with appropriate clamps to link to the old solid line endings, and located the filter in the original Mk1 position. I have since cut the solid lines at their entrance to the engine bay and run high pressure fuel hose to the fuel filter, now located behind the Air box under the induction pipe.

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