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Car Choice: Converting from Small Block and/or Carbs

Largely this FAQ assume that the conversion is being done to a Large Block (1.6 or 1.8) Injection Mk1 (GTIs). There will be various aspects to consider if upgrading from a carbed engine, and even more if converting from small block.

This is a quick stab at some of the considerations:

Converting Carb / Diesel to Injection:
- Fuel System. Tank, Fuel Lines, Filter, Pump, Accumulator plus appropriate wiring.

Converting Small Block to Large Block:
- Steering rack from Manual Large Block Mk1 (As it has a bracket for O2O Gear Selection Mechanism)
- Gear Selection Mechanism.
- Offside Engine Mount moved. This requires cutting the std small block offside mount from the chassis leg and rewelding in the required large block location, turned
180 degrees and line the notch in the mount with the notch in the chassis leg. You may want to have the engine in on a crane to get it accurate, I am not certain how accurate it needs to be.

For a FAQ on fitting large block engines to small block (1.1/1/3) mk1s, see the
Engine FAQ section of CGTI:

If the Car is Diesel/Carbed you 'may' decide to convert the whole car loom to 16V spec. See attached "Mk1 16v Main Wiring Loom.doc" for some notes on the 16V
Golf Loom. I assume there are alternative options to changing the whole loom, such as making your own up!

As yet I have found no basic guide to converting a mk1 to Injection spec. Easiest option if unsure is likely to be to copy the GTI fuel system, then wire up as per a GTI.

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