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Sunday 13th August 2006 saw the annual gathering at Gaydon Heritage Centre once again but unlike 2004 when the sun shone but the wind blew and 2005 when it was sunny again, that year it rained!
The weekend began with members putting up their tents in the field and a DJ tent was erected a short distance away. DjEv was the club's first 'resident' DJ and he did a great job through the evening. Due to the darkness in the field, there was a real 'feel' about having an outside event with just a few mates around, cans of lager, no dress code and the ability to dance 'really well' (Walt!!), as though no one was watching!!!. 1am came and the rain started, everyone headed for their tents. Some went to bed, others went to Douglas Sim's (Dougelove) 'hotel' that was open for friends and many cans of Stella Artois were consumed!!!
The next morning very weary members stuck their heads out of the tents to see - more rain. Polishing cars was not an option that year as the field began to get muddier and muddier. The event was short lived unfortunately.
The inclusion of music at that years' event paved the way for future annual club gatherings.

click here for the 2006 annual gathering photographs

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