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The new season of shows begins in February/ March and the build up for the 7th AGM was in hand by then. The event was held again at Uttoxeter Racecourse over the weekend of 22nd-24th July 2011 and included the usual camping, meeting, road rally; disco and car displays with show and shine trophies.

Each year sees the facilities tweaked by the committee. Better showers were ordered and toilets in the camping area were provided to save the long trek in the night!! Food facilities were improved.

The Committee stood as,

Chairman - Andy Openshaw -A5OPY
Treasurer - Graham Welsh - Yomp
Secretary - Dan Perkins - Dano
Events manager - Anna Bebbington - CabrioAnna
Membership - Dave Giles - Ginner
Website manager - Mark Kennedy - Kenno
Design manager - Christian Cochrane - Tian
Merchandise manager - Matt Whitehead - jellybelly
Moderator team leader - Glen Dodsworth - ew

Show and Shine Winners, 2nd and 3rd place trophies went to…

Best Standard Hatch
1.   Ian McCormick - Ianaa, gold 1.3 Driver, A94UOM
2.   Peter Ratcliffe - Ratters, Lhasa Green 3 door, A35RAT
3.   Steve Glen - Scary1, black GTI, 82 D 3043

Best Standard Cabby
1.   Dean. Meredith - Kaz5, Blue Automatic Clipper, H286KRU
2.   Dan Perkins - Dano, Red 1.8 GTI, A705TYW
3.   Richard Yarrington - FLOGMK1, Red 1.6 GLI, UMW88Y

Best Modified Hatch
1.   Jason Buckley - Mk1lemon, Yellow 3 door, WJE172T
2.   Nigel Reynolds - N1631, red/ black/carbon 3 door 20v FOE540X
3.   Simon Fletcher - SiGTI, blue 3 door XVH978V

Best Modified Cabby
1.   Neil Humpheries - Dubcab75, grey cabby G682TGX
2.   Andrew Dickinson  - Mk1dcky, Green with Armadillo roof, J769WRD
3.   Bruce Lennox - BrucieBoy, Aquagreen with stickers H364XUU

Best Daily Driver
1.   Mark Williams, marksw, white GTI, LSU820Y
2.   Steven Larkin - PopLarkin, Silver Campaign A884HCF
3.   Peter Crompton - ClassicMk1, black 3 door, STG240Y

Best Engine
1.   Chris White - Chrissy, Black cabby, G428VUL
2.   Adrian Daniels - Lhasadreams, Lhasa green hatch NDM464Y
3.   Ian Crossley - Iansgolf, Red GTI, A811XRX

Best paint
1.   Sharon Evans - 89clipper, orange, G780WCF
2.   Dan Stewart - sky blue, 5 door gl, ATV45Y
3.   Nicky King - Nicky, white flip paint cabby G8LFL

Best Interior
1.   Richard Booth - Bluey12 - A144HNF
2.   Dom Jones - DomJones - A393VYH. 1983 Golf GTI
3.   Lalanfabs, dark blue 3 door WNR399X

The raffle prizes

Peoples' Choice Award - Sponsored by Crazyquiffs (made by Neil!!!  :wink: )
Jason Buckley - mk1lemon, yellow modified hatch, WJE172T

click here to be taken to the 2011 annual gathering photographs

The Golf+ Magazine 2011 Awards were published in March 2012. The Mk1 Golf Owners Club website was voted based national VW Forum. The quote 'for being an all round nice place to be' was well deserved we feel as a lot of work goes into keeping the site friendly and clean - a concept true to the original idea when it was set up.

Like the car - you can't spoil a good idea!!!!!!  :lol:

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