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The annual gathering for 2008 was held at Billing Aquadrome over the weekend of 26-27th July. The central arena was set aside for the clubs events. The organisers for that year were Anthony and Claire Parr (Ant5) and Rajan Paymaster (dubboy).
The 2008 gathering featured the first 'drive-out' on the Saturday afternoon with a route taking the drivers along the local country roads in the blistering sunshine. Cabriolet owners and their passengers returned with 'red bits' beginning to show!!! Picturesque car parks and ice cream stops were included for added photography opportunities.

The following members took up positions on the committee,
Chairman - Rajan Paymaster - dubboy
Treasurer - Wendy Laws - Mrs Lawsy
Secretary - Steve Laws - Lawsy
Events - Anthony & Claire Parr - Ant5
Membership - Phill Thrift - Phillmk1gti
Website manager - Simon Berry - 36thcrazyfist
Merchandise manager - Mark Bateman - rov716y
Moderator team leader - Glen Dodsworth - ew

On the Saturday evening a BBQ was held along with a disco. Open air cooking, beer and music had the usual results -  bad 'Dad Dancing'!!! DjEv had a relaxing evening due to another person playing the music - he spent his time wrestling with his girlfriend on the grass instead!!!

On Sunday it was another baking hot day. Owners arrived in their droves and there was frantic polishing by those who wished to enter the Show n Shine competition. The categories were split down so that hatchbacks and cabriolets were parked in separate rows. Dubboy and Charles judged the standard cars while Ant5 and Dano judged the modified section. Due to the popularity of the event it took all afternoon walking round the cars, inspecting them and scoring them - it was definitely thirsty work!!!
The trophy presentations were completed and a line up of the winning cars made for a good photograph.

click here for the 2008 annual gathering photographs

Due to the nature of the club, people come & go and the time allowance for their hobby varies. This is also reflected in the committee staff. In 2008 dubboy stood down from the role of chairman, along with paul_c as website manager, Ant5 as events manager and Phillmk1gti as membership secretary.
As the vacancies came up so did new members who wished to become part of the committee. Dano was voted in as the new chairman, and Christian Cochrane - Tian took over the membership role and Simon Berry - 36thcrazyfist took on the website manager task. The national events managers' role went to Andy Openshaw - A5OPY.

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