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Jellybellys Guide to Building a Rollover Jig/Spit

Rollover Jig/Spit

A few people have asked me about my jig that I made for my project a few years ago

So hopefully this should provide you the info needed to make your own

My jig is a bit different because of the offset where it bolts into the bumpers, This means the shell remains low to the ground at all times making it perfect working height and very stable. Some jigs on the market have a simple straight bar which would mean the car would be very unstable and always wanting to turn over


50mm x 50mm L section 5mm Wall
50mm x 50mm Box Section 3mm Wall
5mm Plate optional
40mm Bar
50mm Tube 5mm Wall
M10 Zinc Bolts
2x M20 Thread Bar + 4 nuts and washers

all in all the a material cost 100 using new material not scrap

So here are some pictures of the finished item

Here are the drawings that I produced to get these manufactured but unfortunately the cost was too high to make it worth while. So that never happened

You don't have to have the items like the locking plates, I simply clamp the bracket to the A frame which held the car in the correct place

Hopefully this is of some help to some of you it help me a lot and save me around the cost of buying one around 250

Roll Over Frame Rear Bumper

Rollover Front Bumber Bracket

Rollover Frame A Frame

Link to the Orginal Forum Post View topic: How to build a Roll over Jig - The Mk1 Golf Owners Club

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