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Answer The MK1 Golf has a reputation for having poor brakes but its quite easy to modify them to be as good as later cars with out breaking the bank .

You should not be working on your brakes unless you are a capable and competent mechanically person . If you are read on .

All Mk1 models left the factory with front disk brakes and rear drums . The smaller engined  1100 , 1300 and some 1500 models  were equipped with non vented solid disks using a small square brake pad All GTI models had 239mm vented disks with matching calipers . Rear drums for all models were basically the same . The Brake Servo was fitted to most cars except the very basic models and assists you with pedal pressure .

So if you have a smaller engined car your first upgrade for braking improvement would be to fit the GTI type disks pads calipers and caliper mounting brackets . And if you don't have one a Servo . Parts are easily obtained either new or 2nd hand from specialist breakers or via wanted adds etc .

If you have a GTi type brake set up then changing the front disks and pads for quality uprated items [Mintex, Black diamond, EBC , etc etc] can bring vast braking improvements . There are plenty to chose from in the adverts in most VW monthly magazines . If you have not changed your brake fluid within the last 3 years or have just bought a Mk1 and are unsure how old the brake fluid is . Change it .Get the workshop manual and your pressure bleeder out follow the correct procedure , another instant improvment . Rear drums are the next item to receive attention . Give then a thorough over hall replacing any worn parts again following the workshop manual .Parts are surprisingly cheap and it's well worth replacing those  old brake shoe springs with new items and checking that the 'automatic' adjusters work .

Brake hoses [you have 4] were made from rubber originally and with age can deteriorate a very worth while upgrade is to replace these with 'Goodridge' type stainless steel braided one's .