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Car Registration CDF280Y
Forum Username ans4r
Picture of my car (Optional) D3EBF3FA-9ED1-4D5E-9FF1-9EE8EE5476B1-823-0000004BF891DB2B_zps81d8730a.jpg
Show and Shine Category Best Modified Tin Top
First Name Ansar
Surname Mahmood
A description of my car (Optional)
The Person
Hi Guys and Gals, My name is Ansar, I'm 29 and live in the city of Birmingham.  I am the Regional Host for the Midlands Mk1 Owners, we have our monthly meet every third Wednesday of the month at M5 J2 Oldbury Toys'r'us car park.  Im a Self Employed Financial Adviser specialising in Mortgage and Protection Advice.  I have a Lovely 1983 Black GTi.

The Purchase
I bought my GTi in 2007 as a project, it had 248k, rust and a noisy bottom end, but it was a honest car, so a drive down south and £600 later I had finally had a tintop GTi.

The Project
After I got the car, I changed the wheels and run it as it was, but then in 2008 while I was driving to GTi spring fest and the bottom end totally went, a Conrod smashed the block and was on the floor of the M6.  So now was a time to change engine, interior, and paint, after all this was done it was running again, done a few shows but wasn't happy with the paint or the gearbox so changed the box and painted again, and changed the interior again.  While it was in the paint shop someone broke in and stole my wheels but paint the shop compensated and I bought the lovely ATS Type 5's.   I was happy with car at this point and did a few more shows……….but engine was a bit lumpy and used to run hot, so guess what? I bought another 8v engine and gearbox, this time it was fully re-built on the inside, bored out to 1.9, bigger cam and pistons.  The old engine came out and car went back to paint shop to paint the engine bay.  Once back I had 3 weeks before I take the car to Germany with the MK1 OC so late nights and engine was in, running sweet, but crank seal was leaking oil, so a day before the drive to Germany Bert took the box and clutch off and replaced the seal, what a legend!!!!. I also changed the interior again….. Put the original GTi seats back in which I had re-trimmed with the bolsters done in leather.  Done 1500 miles to Germany and back with out any problems.
So 2 re-sprays, 3 engines, 3 gearboxes, 3 clutches, 4 interiors, 2 sets of wheels later I'm Happy…………. I think lol
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Model GTI
Special All Black