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Car Registration A705TYW
Forum Username Dano
Picture of my car (Optional) null_zps3a8a3ff2.jpg
Show and Shine Category Best Standard Cabby
First Name Dan
Surname Perkins
A description of my car (Optional) 1984 Mk1 1800i Golf Cabriolet GTI with K-jetronic injection (M 556) painted in Mars Red (LA3A) with a cream vinyl hood. Original fitment headlamp washers are fed by a dual pump system and a large washer bottle under the bonnet. The standard 9 spoke alloy wheels 5.5j x13 ET38 (M 451) are shod in Toyo tyres all round. The sports seats (M 409) are covered in Gazelle cloth (GB) with saddle brown accessories such as dashboard, centre console, window winders etc. The radio cassette player is a 1984 Blaupunkt Mainz 24 with an electrically operated Ariel and stereo balance (M 494). All electrical accessories and fitments are fully functioning, including the MFA (all functions) and the economy meter (M 255). When the hood is lowered it is covered at all times with a cream tonneau cover to protect the head lining from road dirt. To compliment the 'top down' driving experience a Bodi XL Windshcott wind diffuser is fitted to lower wind buffeting at driving speed. An original tool kit is located in the boot along with a luggage compartment light. Original dealership number plates, tax disc holder and sticker have been reproduced. The towbar is put on to transport my folding camper to shows. It is an original VW part (see red plate) but the electrics are tucked inside the boot when not in use. The standard bumper is refitted after the shows.
The car received a bodywork restoration and new hood in 2011 and an engine refurbishment in 2012 in preparation for the club trip to Wolfsburg, Germany. Prior to that it has been used as a daily driver in my 11 year ownership.
Model GTI
Special Not Applicable