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Car Registration A234jnd
Forum Username R8jon
Show and Shine Category Best Modified Tin Top
First Name Jon
Surname Hinchcliffe
A description of my car (Optional) Mk1 golf driver r32
Engine 3.2v6 r32 full exurst an 6 branch by power flow one off bmc air filter customcode map
Full pollybushed adjustable top mounts ap coilovers with up rated springs shortend front beam by 1.5inch each side an rear by 4inch
Wheels are one off comps ts501s fronts are 8.5x15 with 3.5inch of dish
Rears are 10x15 with 4.5inch of dish an they are et-5
For the body it haz had a full resto lighty pulled archs front an rear chrome bumpers,red rear lights no wiper on rear chrome stripes an smooth bay  an painted in a custom cream pearl
An for the in side
Bias pedal box under dash remote servo under dash
Custom made dash flocked but still standard mk1 dash momo team wheel full mk4 golf wiring loom recaro cs in leather new door cards trs belts all rear borderd an carpeted rear strut brace
An every thing on this car haz been new powder coated or painted even if new
Model Driver
Special Not Applicable