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What made you do it?


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What made you do it?

…was in Germany when the Mk1 was launched - LOVED IT…
…'You can't have one, it's not big enough/practical enough for us and the kids', SHE says ! :evil:
…bought an Audi 100 while my army mates were buying new Mk1's :evil:  :evil:

Time went on…time for a new car…..'You're NOT having one' SHE says…..
…so bought a new Audi 100 GL5S (nearly got a 200 Turbo)
…while my mates were still buying Mk1's (GTI's and Cabby's too) :evil:  :evil:  :evil:

…everywhere we went in the summers in Germany - Mosel / Rhine, Mohnesee Dam etc,- Cabs everywhere with roofs down…. :evil:  :evil:  :evil:  :evil:

…back to Blighty, 5 cylinders and 5 gears in London does not compute….'We need a smaller car' SHE says…..

…passing VW Dealership one day in 1981….I called in 'just to have a look' and drove away an hour later having signed a deal to 'swap' the Audi for an ex showroom 1.5 GLS 5 door - and they would pay the import duty on the Audi !!! DIDN'T DARE tell her !!!

Went to pick it up….World War 3 erupts……
…a few hours of pure silence in the company of an iceberg I could feel the air warming….

…'You should have got one of these earlier' SHE says.. :banghead:  :banghead: WOMEN !!! :banghead:  :banghead:

So from '81 to '98 'we' had 'the best car ever'.
Went back to Germany, all over the place in it.

Kids learnt to drive in it.
Kids fought me over it.
Kids fought each other over it.
Kids got caught speeding in it.
I got driven to the pubs and back in it.
Had to get a Mk2 Passatt for my own use, only ever got to touch the Mk1 when something needed doing to it.
Son bought a 1.5 Cabby, made me jealous till he told me how much the insurance was!
Eventually got the Mk1 back when daughter went to Uni.

Got divorced…..

Got written off in '98 by an idiot speeding round a corner on my side of the road.
Kept her (the Mk1) in the garden, could not bear to send her to the scrappy….
Had a Scirrocco - didn't get on with it.
Had a Mk2 - HATED it !!

…till I eventually found my white GTI cab in 2001, which was a bit of a wreck.
Spent shedloads of dosh to get it decent, we found the Clipper automatic 2 months later….

Always wanted one - now got 2 - NEVER BEEN HAPPIER.

Owning a Mk1 cabby is a vertical learning curve…

1989 Mk1 Clipper 1.8 automatic - Sadly now up for sale - medical issues dictate)

1999 (Nov) Passat S Saloon 1.9 TDI (AFN) - TUG 1 (Remap by CCC ( - **** …..change pants !!) with cruise control

2000 (Mar) Passat Sport Estate 1.9 TDI (ATJ) 5 speed automatic with Tiptronic - TUG 2 (Remap and cruise control by CCC)


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brilliant  :mrgreen:

sounds like my life / wife…

me, i just like older cars like a lot of others here and just wanna have a fun car to spend my hard earned dosh on!

Got a friend whos into fords and has a beautiful ford classic but a bit too classic for me!

2003 Ford Ranger
2000 Audi A4 1.8T Sport
Soon to own a mk1 cab…

I drive like a girl.


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Hi,i had a new cavalier TD at the time,mint,no dust at all on it anywhere,i had to sell it to buy a house,the car was an M reg so 1995,needed a old diesel to run around in,looked at rotten escorts and astras that needed a tow to start them then found a mk1 golf 1.6D parked up on the bus route home,?150 quid later i was driving it home,from a 6 month old modern car to a old knacker was a shock,by the time i got home i was happy,what a car,YBF 951X started it off for me,many mk1 golfs came and went,brought a 1994 citigolf cus it was the newest mk1 i could find,currently restoring a mk1 diesel A plate (sorry love diesels) and drive a A plate GX every day got a 02 passat 130 tdi sitting outside,but i prefer the mk1,something about it makes me smile,hard to explain,and the little one calls it the weapon!
He will be handed the citigolf one day i suppose  :wink:

L738 EWP
A997 SGK
A289 FLF
SUY 731Y
PNT 553X       hows that for a memory  8O
L836 DNX
XBJ 195X
A400 VOF
YBF 951X
SUY 363V

Thats not a rod knockin,its a diesel stupid! floppy top and 1 tin top


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Very Good thread!

Well to be right, I should really be more into the old school Ford car more than anything since my Dad had a XR3, which I vividly remember boasting boasting about to my primary school freinds and being collected from school in at the age of 6.  

But the strong link will have been evident when my Mum was given a mk1 scirroco GT (yellow, apparently imported and the only one in the country?!?!?), very sweet car, it was driven all the way up from London to a small village north of Aberdeen and was a very respected car by the locals.

My Aunt, (who gave the scirroco away) had bought a black GTI which I totally loved and that was it for me.  

Think I was about the age of 9!  

My Cars in order before being sold on:

Polo 1300 MK2
Mk1 Golf GLS 1982 silver
Peugeot 205 XS Gunmetal Grey
Mk1 Golf GTI

Lhasa Green Mk1 GTI 1.8


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What is it with black mk1s????

Thats what started it for me.Saw one in a carpark just after i passed my test it was black and had a set of alloys a zender roof spoiler and stainless exhaust.

It just looked so cool,the other more modern cars it was next to seemed so bland and i thought as soon as i can afford it i'm having one of those.(poor student at the time :( ).

Two minis and two years later i bought a black 79 T reg.Drove it back with no insurance 8O      (thought  i'd figure that later).Parked it up for 2weeks and saved the money.?600 to insure it.
Have tried a few other vw….. golf 2  8/16v & corrado but just love the mk1.     Now on my 4th.

Happy days!!!  :wink:


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Wow now i feel old  1st vw i had was a beetle just after i passed my test then another followed by a type 3 squareback in bright green.
Moving on to cars with proper heating next was a scirocco and then my 1st mk1 Gti in 1992 luved it just something about the car.(RLR 171W)
Had other vws inbetween but when i pull up behind another mk1 that urge comes back and have just gotta have one.
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