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The MK1 GTI!! New Owner!


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The MK1 GTI!! New Owner!

Well I am the proud owner of my Mk1 - here's some initial thoughts following a couple of days driving/owning it!!

- Brakes? did they no exist in 1983?? I think that'll be the first upgrade to make, it has new tyres and pads, so I guess they're working as they were designed to!!

- Windscreen Wipers…hmmmm I be better off sticking my arm outta the window, and scrubbing the screen myself, hehe!!

- Roof - I've just noticed that the handles to unclip the roof at the front of the car are different, is this normal? are they supposed to match design?

- Handling - it was raining yesterday and the car seemed very unstable on corner, as if it wanted to slide at any moment - unlike the Calibra where the back would typically slide out, the GTI felt like it would just slide sideways, is this normal, or does the suspension need upgrading?

- The Sound! - It reminds me of my first ever car, a Y plate Fiesta, love it, particularly foot down in 1st/2nd gear, although I'm weary of driving this thing fast, I want it to last and hence its my weekend car   ;o)

- Steering - heavy! this is gonna be a workout   ;o)

Overall, I'm impressed by the little thing, would love to have been driving in 1983, if I had, I'd be driving the GTI!!
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