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Audi throttle body upgrade but no idle screw ..


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hi valve adjustment what valve was he adjusting confusing


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Audi throttle body upgrade but no idle screw ..

Tadaaa, I was able to just pull out the vacuum connection, wasn't glue'd or soldered.

Unfortunately no thread to screw in the idle bolt, not is there a hole on the side (where it sucks it's air through).

So I disassembled mine on my car to compare one or two things.

The idle screw is an 8mm, but not conventional metric, it has a step of 1mm. Will be looking for a tap in this dimension. So I can make a little bus to fit in the hole which I will thread.
Then I will need to drill a hole on the side to make the "air sucking hole".

The cable connector is on the wrong place (further to the middle, instead of my original one). But fortunately the connection plate fits exactly on the newer one so this should be simple.

If this is done I'll be removing the inlet collector to adapt it to the bigger hole.
And that should be about it i guess ;)

Here are a few pictures, comparing old vs new.

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