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1990 Gti Cabby Restro


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Mid life crisis project!!

happymick said

Great job you've done there, can I ask where did you get the new Cabby rear GTI badge ? I've only seen the tin top ones.

Cheers Mick.

As it sounds like you already know, you just cannot buy them anymore from anywhere it seems.. I had to resort to the can of satin black and a refurb sticker. Looks pretty good just have to be careful when polishing!!


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Well… its been a while!

Last post was 2017! Time flies when your havin fun… so they say…

A few recent pics of Lyla,  and a question of guidance and advice please!!

20190414_084821.jpg 20190714_140136.jpg





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So, if you've ever flicked through this thread you will have seen that I only ever smartened up the appearance of the engine and the bay and it was pretty much original…


So I could do with some help…

She's always been a little bit tapperty on start up,  (which I can live with) but has now developed a crunch on the first gear change from 1st to 2nd when cold… (again I can live with) but…. lifes to short to put up with stuff! so if i'm honest I'd like it sorting!!

I've tried changing the gearbox oil and most other things I've read on here so my question is…

Who could I trust with my very hard earned cash and my Lyla to give me a engine and gearbox refresh?

I'm not after any upgrades just a a good original engine & box refurb… both mechanically & visually.

The engine & box run sweet when warm and she's lovely to drive but these little niggerly things bug the hell out of me!!


(Distance is not to much of an issue as we now have a car trailer because me and my boy are currently scratching a little french track day car itch we have developed!):lol::lol:


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Nice thread and loving the cab  :thumbs:

Work on my Clipper
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