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My series 1 finally runs!!


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So I'm goad to report that my 1980 gli has tun tonight for the first time properly! I bought it with a seized engine a few months back, the work so far has been getting it free'd off & turning over, replacing some fuel lines & flushing tank & refill with premium unleaded; a set of spark plugs, 4 new injectors & a replacement metering head & oil change, only ran breifly to get the juices flowing as it was freezing cold! Never write an old vw off boys and girls! IMG_6753.JPG


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Good man and outdoors in mid winter too!

No one will be able to fix todays cars in 30 years like that.

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Good work mate, you must be well pleased :)

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Well done, great news!!


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Good stuff good see 1 more alive Ÿ~<

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Cheers guys! Very chuffed to have saved a series 1 from the scrapper. The more I look into an s1 gli cab the rarer they seem to be? Sounds pretty fruity once up to temperature! It's love I think guys help me lol
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