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Tapping sound


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Hi all,

Noticed this weekend that my 1983 1.8 gti is making a tapping sound from what appears to be the front of the car.

Noise is only present while driving, does not make the sound when stationary.  Its present at all speeds and gets quicker while driving faster, as if related to road speed.

I have had a check around and can't see anything obvious, such as a stone in the tyre. Checked oil levels and all seems well.

There's no feedback or vibration or anything untoward while driving either, runs fine other than tapping sound!

Any ideas!?


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Rotors, calipers. Sway bar on the lower control arm if the strapping is broken.

Could be that your pads are making noise as well if the anti-rattle springs aren't installed.

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Thanks for your input, I will check those out.


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I had a similar situation with a noise that I was sure was coming from the front or bulkhead area of the car. Eventually tracked it down one of the rear handbrake cables coming adrift from the bent metal clip retainers and catching on a wheel balance weight on the inside rim of the rear wheel and twanging on the underneath of the car…..

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