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Trying to find my old Mk1 GTI


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Trying to find my old Mk1 GTI

hi, to all. :D
I used to own a black Mk1 Golf Gti, the reg plate was SOJ 66Y. Just wondering if anyone knows of it? This was the car i really wish i had never sold, but at the time i was out of work and had to choose whether to get rid of the Mk1 or Mk2. I really did make a big mistake in getting rid it. :(
Any news of what it is doing now would be gratefully recieved,

Many Thanks,

Currently stuck with a Civic Coupe VTI  :cry:
but a plus note - still got a 1972 VW Camper in mid resto


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Click on this link, select vehicle enquiry and type your reg in.

It looks like it's still going anyway  :)

As to who owns it, not sure how you'd find out :dontknow:



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Check the series 2 regisater here to see if its logged :wink:


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