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Stiff clutch pedal


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i have an 87 1.8 GTI cabriolet
i have replaced the clutch and the cable but the pedal is still heavy
i have checked the route it takes especially through the bulkhead and all ok
any ideas please
thanks in advance


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They are heavy compared to cars with hydraulic clutch pedals.
Other than dripping through some 3 in 1 drip oil down the cable to help free the cable up if it's a bit stiff and the cable routed correctly and at the gearbox end it's straight down I don't think there's more you can do?

Maybe post up some pictures and we may see something.

Have you tried another Mk1 Golf to see how that pedal feels?

1988 Mk1 Golf GTi Cabriolet 1.8cc DX, K-jet. Daily drive. 300,000 miles and counting
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