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Name this alloy


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Hi, anyone what wheels these are? VW or aftermarket? Cheers

'14 Golf GTi Mk7
’91 Nissan Figaro
‘80 Golf GTi Mk1 1600 tintop


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I think they are aftermarket as standard VW alloys would have a VW logo and part number / specs stamped into them.

a list of VW wheels used on the Golf and Scirocco

1988 Mk1 Golf GTi Cabriolet 1.8cc DX, K-jet. Daily drive. 300,000 miles and counting
1978 Mk1 Scirocco GLS 1.6cc FR, Webber carb. Weekend toy.


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Are there an markings or part numbers on it?

1983 Mars Red 1.8 Golf GTI
1987 Alpine White 1.8 Clipper Cabriolet

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