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1.8 8v mk2 engine in my 1.5 mk1


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Hi all!
Im new on here so please beare with me, i have also tried the search option but couldnt find what i was after.

I use a golf mk1 1.5 as my daily. Last weekend the stock JB engine decided to say goodbye. In frustration i have now given up on this engine and its now out of the car. I need my car on the road asap, so i bought two 1.8 8v carburated engines from a 91/92 jetta mk2, thinking that this was a simple swap.

Since I am away on work in the weekdays,  and only have the weekends for wrenching, i only looked over the engines for a couple of minutes. I saw that there were alot more electrical connection on the mk2 engine than on my old mk1, one of those were a big circular contact that looked like it was the connection for the engine loom. And also i discovered it had a lamda. I have also looked up that i might have to get the tci from the mk2, but this might be difficult to get a hand on.

So my questions.
Did i f up when i got the engines without the loom and tci?
Can i make this work with only the mk1 loom and some homemade loom?
Can i use the stock mk1 coil?
How do i sort out the tci issue?

The exhaust is no problem, here i will weld some scrap together.

Here is a pic of the "new" engines

Im going home on friday and needs to drive my mk1 to work on monday morning. So i hope there are some brilliant minds on here that can help me with my questions.

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