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Wiper Motor Help


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FInishing rebuilding my car and having miper motor issues.

The original was burnt out so I bought a cheap mk3 one and used the backing plate from the mk1 so it fit to the loom. Im not sure if my creation will work though and may be the problem.

I bought another mk1 motor from an autojumble but plug it in and nothing happens. I figure I bought a duff motor.

When I plug my created one in, it spins, and you can see it has different speed settings, but it doesnt stop going.

I put my multimeter to the pins that plug into the wiper motor and Im getting power across 3 of the 5 pins. Does this sound right? Im guessing this may be my issue and my creation may be ok. In which case, is it an issue with my stalk?

Thaks in advance
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