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Stray Wire on re instillation of Fuse Board


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We have a stray wire if anyone could help identify

We have just had to replace the Main fuse board due to corrosion, and on re installing, we have not been getting any fuel pump prime as we used to on startup.

We have one Red and Black wire we dont seem to know where it goes or what it is foe, it comes out of the Yellow multi pin block on the back of the Fuse board.

When we send that to a direct live feed, it fires the starter motor and sounds like the Fuel pump is kicking in and the car starts.

When i connected to the other side of the fuse board (what i believe is switched live terminals) the car seems to start OK.

Can anyone shed any light if A) the red and black wire from the Yellow block should be connected, B) if so where C) if not, why would i have no fuel pump

NB pump is working fine when a direct feed is send to it


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