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Dash lights permanently on (and other light related issues)


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I’ve recently had a new issue where my interior dash lights are constantly on, regardless of headlight switch position, and regardless of whether or not the ignition is on?
The external side lights and main beams operate as expected in the appropriate switch position, however, when I pull back the stalk for the high beam, only the passenger side high beam activates, and the drivers side beam drops into sidelight mode? I swapped the bulbs around and this made no difference?
When the high beam is selected, the high beam LED on the dash no longer illuminates? Also I cannot hear the relay click (not sure if it did previously).

I’ve checked all fuses and relays, and all appear fine.
I’ve checked the back of the fuse box and the earth ring, and all seems fine.
I’ve replaced the headlight switch, which made no difference?

The car is an ‘83 tintop ‘Driver’.

Can anyone make any suggestions on what I should be checking or any other advice?



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Sounds like a bad connector on the H/L bulb.
I would use a DVOM and verify that you have 12V on low and 12V on high pins before I guessed any further….

You do know there are 2 fuses per side on the H/L bulb
1 for low and one for HIGH…  sounds like a bad fuse for the high side, and or a bad connector.

Relaying the Headlights works wonders Brighter lights and less BS in the mix.

Oh, and you take the High Current off the headlight switch.  But I would say the switch on the dash is suspect… in the rheostat is defunct.

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