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2 pin 1.8DX Radiator fan


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Restoring my 1983 1.8DX - taken the rad/fan out to retore.  The fan is a TWO pin / 280mm / 4 blade / Magneti Marelli.

Is this the correct fan/motor for my engine??

Not sure about Magneti Marelli - think I would prefer something German!!!!  However I note that most of the new fans advertised are THREE pin??

Have seen other posts on here about the TWO/THREE pin topic.

Which should the car have - it is a very late 1983 tintop GTi??

I also see that mine has only 4 fan blades - most others for sale have many more - is there any real difference???

There are also differing wattages - 120/    200W and 150/250W

When did the fan motor size /speed change.  I understand the TWO pin is single speed - I would have thought that the GTi engine would have had the more powerful two speed fan.

Thoughts most welcome!!!!!




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The 2 speed fan and radiator switch was used mainly in autos that had a/c including the Diesel.
The single speed fan was used on non-a/c cars.  Yes you can put a 2 speed fan in your system just connect the ground furthest pin on the right as you look at it in the car, and 12V to IIRC the middle pin as that is the faster speed.  You will usually have to either change the connector or use insulated solderless connectors.

Some of the later golfs used a different 3 speed fan than the Cabriolets, but just get the fan and connector. Oh and the 2 speed has 5 blades of fun.

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Thanks for the info Briano.

So where can I get a 2 pin fan - seem to be no new ones around for sale??????  Seems strange that all the new ones are THREE pin - when pretty much all MK1's must have TWO pins fitted.


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Sorry Kenneth - just realised I had not thanked you for for replying to my post.  Have found a new one now .  Thanks.
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