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BBS Wheel arch and side skirt rubber seals


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Hi my 1984 Golf gti cabriolet has BBS bodykit around whcih the seals have perished. Does anyone have any idea where i could get these from. Cheers


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Well the oem beading was still available a couple of years back.

I have also seen ones at shows that used the old beetle beading.

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Top man. Thanks very much. Beetle seals will definately do the job.


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Just seeing your post…

Early last year morr  was looking the same thing for his Kamei kit.

I PT'd him a link to this guy on a French version of Gumtree selling repo. seals in the correct profile.

Just checked and he's still advertising.

Despite stating €2 (per metre) on the advert, if you read to the end he asks buyers to ring for a price.

Last year the cost was actually €12 a metre, so not cheap.

At that time he was the only person I could find, but there's now a second seller on the same buy/sell site -

Having said that the adverts are so similar it may well be the same person, different ID.

As I said in last years original post, because of the money involved and having no way of confirming his legitimacy I didn't follow it up, just too big a risk.

Morr however had gone as far as getting a manufacturer to price having some made, but I'll let him post the details of that if he wants.

We'd touched on his possibly arranging a group buy to bring the price down but to my knowledge it didn't go any further.



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Further to this… seeing tobys  post got me looking out for some seal again and managed to track a roll of NOS 1980's Zender stuff down from a guy in Germany.

There's almost 10 metres in the pack, which bears out Morrs calculation that it will take just that to do one full kit with a front spoiler plus arches / side skirts.

Unfortunately that's what I want if for so can't spare any.

Morrs profile diagram of the Kamei stuff is almost identical to the Zender version, save for the smaller inner ridge and an extra 5mm depth.

morr hasn't been online since early June 2018… be interesting to see if he went through with getting some made up, it looks like it would be a perfect match for the original if so.



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Hi all, I know you tagged me some time back in this post, but I've been unable to access this site (and only this site! Due to a faulty router which my isp finally replaced today - hence my re-appearance  :) )

Sorry, but I never progressed this any further and shortly after my initial queries I took my golf off the road to perform some upgrade works, and then life got in the way and I've not touched it for a smidge over 12 months! Hopefully, I'll get it back into the garage in the coming weeks and restart on it, no doubt then the need for a replacement seal will have me researching and looking once more  :)


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