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Polo dash removal back to stock


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Caddy Mk1 dash advice needed please

Hi guys 
Anyone point me to advice on going back to standard dash
I have taken a caddy van/ mk1 in px and someone has fitted a polo dash complete with heater controls and has the polo running gear pd etc 
If its at all doable i want to fit an original dash back in

I haven't looked under dash to see the involvement but interested to see if doable and if this conversion is common and anyone done it
Just thinking if its heater box etc will be required too
Any advice welcome or a garage / shop who would swap it back


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If it was well done I might leave it be.

The year of Caddy makes for differences in the clocks Steering wheels and shafts, as well as shaft covers and switches heater controls that you may not easily obtain.

As well as knee bar's and mounts that may have been knackered or butchered to get the Polo dash installed.

Look at the differences between the dashes between the two of them on the ETKA so you can see what is what.

Over here there was the early Caddy with the 70/early 80 clocks and bit, then the later ones that use a GTI or Cabriolet Dash/ clocks

opps forgot the links to the ETKA;

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