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MK1 CADDY PD Conversion


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After a few answers

i have just dug my mk1 caddy out of the corner to put it up for sale but after looking at it for a few days i just cant!!!

So to go along with the other projects i am working on at the moment one more cant hurt right? lol

A little back ground for you. I brought the caddy 4 ish years ago form a friend of my dads with the plan to do it up and put a 130 pd engine in it.
So not long after i got the caddy i also got a 52 plate mk4 golf 130 pd as well.

Now they have both sat waiting to be done, so time to start again.

Now i am after a few answers i cant seem to find.

Fuel cooler i take it i need this as vw fitted for a reason?

I know i need new engine mounts but are they any mods to the cambelt like the 1.8ts?

Now my golf has the 6 speed box (not fitting this) what 5 speed box is best i want to stay hydraulic (if pos) and will be running 15" wheels.

Before i start to strip the mk4 is there any thing else that you all use or will fit the caddy other than the bits i know i need for the engine conversion?

Any help would be great or links.

Thanks :) 
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