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Mk1 16v Wiring help


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Hi guys,

I have a 16v that was converted about 20 years ago.
The car just came back form a respray and I said i would resolve the wiring mess.
So it has the mk1 headlight loom and a mk2 16v engine loom.
It seems the entire mk2 loom is in place as there are loads of "spare" connectors in the engine bay.
I have a couple of questions, and will probably have more.

1 - Does the mk2 16v rad fan loom power off the same connector as the engine? I have 2 fan looms in the car now, one on the headlight loom (mk1 single speed fan) and one dangling above the gearbox (mk2 2 speed connector) Ideally i would like to move to a 2 speed fan and if i could use the mk2 loom for this then it would be best.

2 -With the oil pressure switch, i believe it should be the mk1 rated one and not the original KR one as the rating is way lower on the KR and possibly contributing to my oil pressure warning on the dash cluster.

I will have more questions as I dig into this and fix some of the bodges that were done over time.
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